Do men go “on the it’s that time of the month trip?

computer_problems1.jpgI normally save my scorn for my alter ego site, but tonight the hubster is trippin and I can’t get with it…He and twin 1 are playing Playstation at about 175 decibles and I have asked them several times to turn it down, but they don’t seem to hear me…

  1. Now, my initial problem is that they are sitting at least 6 feet from said tv.
  2. the excitement of playing Tiger Woods golf CANNOT be all that!
  3. It’s messing with my friday evening swerve blogging. I swear I’m gonna get me a laptop and charge it to my business!!!


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7 responses to “Do men go “on the it’s that time of the month trip?

  1. The hubster is trippin?

    That’s funny. I try to write like that, which is how I speak at times, but I started business school and now I’m trying to be all professional. Ha!

    No joke. I like how you write.

  2. Kat

    LOL @ The Hubbster is trippin’

  3. have you played tiger woods golf? addicting….

  4. God's Child

    Seriously, I read somewhere they have monthly cycles.

  5. ehe.. i hope you got yourself well medicated after that. hehe. 😉

  6. make them wear earphones (with long extension cord so that they can sit far from tv) might solve the prob.

  7. I dislike when that happens…the hubsters can trip sometimes…that is one reason why I got my OWN computer…..and it is far away from what he likes to do in the house.

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