Still here, BARELY

and still crazy after all these years. My phrase for the week has been “how much does it cost, or in Svenska: Hur mycket koster det…(her mickey coaster debt, is probably the closest I can come phonetically, LOL!)

Working very hard and no time literally to work on my altered book project or blogging for that matter…. Family is OK, dog getting a hernia, Getting ready to dig up the front of the house (poor construction foundation…) Björn (isn’t that a riot that there are actually men here in Sweden named BJÖRN!?, I laughed so hard the first time he thought I was insane, and my husband was embarrassed…) will be here on Monday to start the excavation.  The drive way has been “sinking” for the past 3 years.  I will be sure to take photos.  Back in the states, we’d be going after the contractor and the designer…here in Sweden that theory is only valid for the first 10 years after construction…sigh. Can you say “HUR MYCKET KOSTAR DET”?

The roof lines on these types of homes was paralell to the wall, after 2 decades of being rained directly on, the wood has begun to show signs of errosion and rotting.  The roof lines have to be extended 18″ to protect the sides of the house and the side panels have to be replaced (all together now… HUR MYCKET KOSTAR DET”!?)

 . Tojan the wonderdog has been sick…he will drop to the ground and start to quiver and literally has to be carried to his bed.  It was quite painful to see.  He would just lay there giving me sad eyes until I picked him up.  The vet says it is a developing hernia.  Her advice was ” keep him calm for 2 weeks then come back…no long walks, jumping or hopping up on anything”. Now first of all this is literally impossible because he thinks he is part rabbit and by virtue of breed, is a hunting dog. To my jaded ear it sounded like she said ” Leave me a little cash now ($50.00) and come back in 2 weeks at which point I will diagnose him with something a little more severe that will require further testing and diagnosis, possibly medication thus leaving you with a substantial bill, eliminating the possibility of you taking the kids to the city where you will over spend anyway “.  We paid $1000.00 for him, shots, registering with the Swedish Kennel Club, tatooing, microchip…(They don’t have rabies in Sweden, and all dogs and cats have to be registered and tatooed in the ear or a microchip under the skin…).  This goes for all mutts, cats, kittens…Mamma Sweden wants her share.(insert the words ” HUR MYCKET…?

Off to work. And how was YOUR week?




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2 responses to “Still here, BARELY

  1. ouch. sounds like a costly place to live. and i am sorry to hear about your dog. that is never a good thing, to lose (or come to lose) a family pet.

  2. We have two dogs, and both dogs at one time or another had problems and were told the same thing,…no jumping or running etc WTF?..are u kidding me?…unless u duct tape the dog down, it’s not gonna happen.

    We adopted one of our dogs, the other we bought for almost the same price u paid for yours…a little bishon maltese…the next day we got her she started having epileptic siezures..(I know because at the time, I had two handicapped adults living here with epileptsi)..I recognized it right away…so we followed proceedure and it took awhile but atleast they reinbursed us the full price of the dog…(so they wouldnt have to cover any meds) luckily the meds are not expensive and she hasn’t had a siezure in over a yr…they initially wanted us to take another dog (they would have disposed of this one) NO WAY.. We are so glad we have her. She is a terrific dog.
    Sorry for the book I just wrote lol.

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