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  1. Hi Regina!
    Thanks for the compliments. I finally broke down and sent an email to the SP8 pal letting her know she is supposed to be updating her blog and letting me know if she has been getting my emails or not. I just wish folks could be more courteous. At least my SP7 had a valid excuse for not being able to post: a set of 2 yr-old boy/girl twins, a husband who had major foot surgery in a cast up to his hipbone, and she’s the senior editor for my hometown paper (which is a HUGE job). I knew she was up to her neck with her life, and she could barely thank me when she could. But at least she did write about her problems in her blog. I am sorry that I am rambling. 😦

    As for Nibbles, I will spare you what I was going to originally type. She was a beautiful girl who never failed to bring a smile to our faces from when we adopted her.

    Lastly, I give my dear husband Rich all the credit for my banner and blog button. The only buttons I created are the “Walk and Knit” and the SP8 ones on my site. Glad you enjoy them!

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