Ok…we got 3 tons, but we ACTUALLY needed 3.29 tons….

The F-ing Drive is STILL not finished (or Swedish for that matter)! The Hubster misscalculated and we are 70 stones short…yes, that’s right 70 short. The line of the house (which is supposed to be accurate within 3cm is actually 7,8 cm off…What a mess! I hate being a home owner without a masonry gene!



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4 responses to “Ok…we got 3 tons, but we ACTUALLY needed 3.29 tons….

  1. Bummer about being short in the quantity of stones. Look at it this way, at least you did not over-buy them and have so much left over that you cannot return. 🙂 Good luck!!

  2. ya, what Kimberly said. look at the plus side!

  3. I guess so, LOL!
    But you don’t know my husband! My nickname for him is “Hootyfem” which is the phonetic spelling of Swedish number 75, because that is all he will finish of a job if it is not directly in front of him at the time… I am afraid…VERY afraid.

  4. Well damn, I can totally empathize with your frustration…specially with such an ardious job..I hope u are able to get missing stones soon to get it all done..take pics! so we can see how it all looks.

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