NOW, I’m getting scared!

dsc00858.JPGdsc00857.JPGdsc00871.JPGdsc00872.JPGWe have nearly 80% of the work done, but now there are no matching bricks to be had…The store where we purchased them is out of stock, Their other partners are also and my husband has been driving all over the country looking for matching bricks.  Yes, I KNOW that  lots of Swedes do their home renovation in the summer, but COME ON!!!Surely there must be SOMEone out there that purchased 200 extra stones and wants to sell them?!

The scarey part is that the hubster is KNOWN around this house for only partially finishing a job.  Any job!  He started installing the satellite dish, tossed the cable over the roof and never tightened it so when we get a strong wind…you hear the clack, clack of the cord on the roof.  He started wall papering the upstairs hallway and 2 years later, it STILL is not done…sigh…looking for some photos.

On a positive note, I managed to scrapbook 2 pages this weekend and make a birthday card for a brother in law. braces.jpg dsc00843.JPGThat is the most creativity I have produced this WHOLE summer!  It was so much fun!  I had to compete with the step-son for computer time…But I out foxed him and got up at 3:15 and got my surf on for 6 hours uninturrupted!  And when he and dad got out and started with the bricks again, I took a nap. 

Life is so good!



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2 responses to “NOW, I’m getting scared!

  1. Sounds like my girls’ bathroom right now. DH ripped out the tiles behind the tub to replace the sheetrock. He replaced it two weeks after that, but then left it with no tile for two weeks. In the mean time, the girls have been using our bathroom (which has only a shower – no bathtub). Try getting a two year old to shower without getting shampoo in her eyes – GAH!!!
    I’m so with you on that one!

  2. yeish! sounds like what happens when i leave my husband alone for any amount of time!
    Good luck!

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