I (your name) solemly swear…

7-photo.jpgBecause if I had I would have realized that some of my favorite blogs were missing from the lineup.  I have officially finished my 6 week vacation coverage shift and am going to spend the next two weeks:

  • sweeping sand into the cracks of the driveway ( see previous post)
  • scrapbooking, making altered books and generally attempting to reel my unruly kids back in before school begins.
  • Learning how to knit! ( ahem, see Somebunny’s blog!)
  • updating my site daily! ( I promise)
  • throwing out as much crap as I can before the fall comes and we have to start buying more! ( WHY do longjohns and gloves stay around ALL summer then hide in the late fall?)
  • To ride my husbands ass back like Secretariat in the Kentucky Derby untill he finishes the deck!

So, that is my agenda…What are YOU up to?


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One response to “I (your name) solemly swear…

  1. Ok, that last one had my eyebrows raising as I read it…but the last 2 words totally blew the wind out of my sails lol…I was seeing…”To ride my husbands ass like Secretariat in the Kentucky Derby till he finishes …with ..OMG BABY!

    As for my agenda..it will maybe explain my mind in the gutter because in 2 days I leave for my Honeymoon hehe..only 4 days but better then nothing. We totally need the break and the honeymoon lol..going to Niagara Falls, We can’t wait!

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