Looking for my creativity, have you seen it? TAG and LINK!

I saw this at my kompis (sv:slang for friend)Bab’s and Xmichra’s

everybody that reads it is IT!!!!! link back so I can read it!

and thought it may help me locate my creative pixie that seems to have stolen my spirit. 

  1. I love plants.  I have at-least 14 I can see from the office ranging from a few inches tall to 2 feet tall.  !/5 of the kitchen table is covered with my jade plants cause we eat outside in the evening and they love the summer light.
  2. I resent that house work is automatically deemed “my job” by virtue of the fact that I am female.  Where is it written that women have a monopoly on cleaning?
  3. I love to hoard scrapbook supplies.  I admit again that I have the GNP of a small country in value on hand and am always looking for someone to trade stuff with! albums, pages, page protectors, pens, stickers, custom cutting systems etc…
  4. I get worried when my baby is not at home.  Baby-Girl has gone to a neighbors’ summer house until Tuesday.  I so miss her and wish I had given her her birthday present (a mobile phone) early so she could call me.
  5. I have gone my first 24 hours without my nightly glass of wine.  Now while this may not seem like a major accomplishment, I’m really preparing my self psychologically for my knee replacement surgery.  This is gor-run-teed to be a bitch and hurt like crazy but it is the price I have to pay for rowing competivively, ballet and getting over weight later in life.(no, I am not still obese, but nearly 50% less!)
  6. I am was a hand bag/shoe junkie.  Not just what ever is on sale, we’re talkin Prada and Moschino and Salvatore Ferragamo.  I think it stems from the time when I was living large then became large ( I was 340 at my worst).  I may add one item to my collection every 3 years now, but it is wasted in my little country town where I now live…Nobody cares and neither do I. (ok, I will admit to being a bit of a snob and upgrading my daily handbag when I go into the city 😉
  7. I love everything to do with making art.  I think that I wasted half my life ignoring the fact that I had talent and never used it.  I would really be P.O’d if I died before I finished creating half the stuff I am thinking of.
  8. I miss scrapple.  If you ever read the ingrediants, you would barf but boy, did it taste good.  Shout out to my Nana in heaven who used to cook it for me!
  9. I import 75% of my craft supplies from America because it is cheaper, even with shipping added on. If there is anyone out there that would like to become my personal shopper, please let me know!
  10. I have neighbor who does not speak to me.  I thought it was just me, but my husband says she speaks to no one.  Thursday she had the audacity to ask Baby-Girl if she wanted a bunny rabbit…WITHOUT asking me first… (this was after I waved to the stank hoe neighbor and she looked me right in the eye as if she had a Vietnam flashback or something(oh, the horror!).  Needless to say I would not take one of her bunnies if they were the last in Scandinavia, plus see number 2…I’ve got enought on my plate!


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6 responses to “Looking for my creativity, have you seen it? TAG and LINK!

  1. yay!!! so this is your new home? shall i add this one to my blogroll instead? it looks great girl! 🙂
    when are you scheduled for this surgery? hope it goes well!! are the doctors all back from their vacation? LOL…. Scandinavia huh?
    Competitive rowing… wow… now you got me daydreaming. I love rowing, but never competed. Snif.

  2. BUNNIES.ARE.EVIL> you go right ahead and ignore that bea-atch. hehe. I have some scrapbooking stuff, and love to do it, yet finding the time without little hands is difficult ..heheh. Kira is always wanting to help with everything!

  3. Babsbitchin

    My peeps told me you had a new crib, waz tha dilly yo?
    I solumnly swear, I am always lieing!!

  4. love your Flickr photos!!! they look absolutely amazing. For real. seriously. 😉

  5. i just saw you over at the swearing lady and i am getting an idea of what type of blogs you are into! mwahahaha! i came across this one last week, it has me got bent in four. http://www.miss-britt.blogspot.com/ 🙂

  6. PD

    Hey 🙂 I can be your personal shopper! It will give me an excuse to shop and get out of the house! *lol*… Let me know whatcha need!

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