ATC’s i am working on.

no. 7

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I have stopped for a minute to catch up on somethings that make me happy also known as Artists Trading Cards. These are so easy to make and no matter what your artistic medium is, you can make them too! The only real grounded in stone and steel rule is that they cannot be larger than 3 1/”2 x 2 1/2…the size of a hockey card or regular playing card!

I have some little knitted items that didn’t come out so well so I’m going to try and include them, too! I am super tired as yesterday, we took the kids to GrönaLund (Greenland) an amusement park in Stockholm. This was our second or third attempt at going there since we moved to Sweden but we finally made it and the kids had a ball! PL had an armband and rode to the death with the kids. Yours truly hid benind the camera, lol!

All in all there was lots of popcorn, ice cream, burgers and candy and needless to say we were exhausted when we finally got home. I accidently bought a first class ticket for the train ride home so BabyGirl and I kept waving to the family in the coach section, rotf!



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2 responses to “ATC’s i am working on.

  1. Nothing like riding First Class, especially when you didn’t expect it!

  2. LOL! bet it felt good as well seeing Per with the commoners! 😀 Hehe. Did they serve you some Earl Grey tea with biscuits on a doily? What am i thinking, first class service is shit these days, we are no longer in the 80s… sigh

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