SEE!? This is what happends when you go and surf other peoples’ blogs!

antheater_280x437.jpgYou get TAGGED!!!

I was over nosing around Tana’s blog ” coloring outside the lines” and got tagged!  Didn’t I just get tagged?  Where is my bloggisphere lawyer?

Of…5 things about me!

  1. I speak Swedish badly, but they can understand me.  It is bad because I pride myself on understanding the Queen’s English and being an avid user of it, I feel bad when I know that my Svenska is not as “bra” as my English!

  2. There are only 9,2 million people in the country of Sweden…that is including the flight attendant and pilots that reamain over night at the hotels!  LOL!!!!

  3. Swedes enjoy a higher standard of living because they pay more taxes than in America.  In the U.S: it is get and take everydecuction you can…In Sweden, it is how we can get more of your dollars for taxes!  I  pay on average 32% of my salary in taxes.  My husband says he pays almost 78%.

  4. The music is uncensored on the radio and the movies often have explicit sex and violence on regular TV, but yet in still, they are death on pedofiles. The tabloid newspapers blaze stories of violence and sexual crimes and they wonder why the children are the fodder for the abuse.

  5. I try to instill values and traditions in my kids.  Even though every other child is allowed to ” do something” my kids are not.   I always explain that it is not my decision that those other parents are not as strong in their belief as I am.  I know what can happen when you become a victim of a system you know nothing about.  You feel grown up, but once you make an adult decision,,,there is no turning back.


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7 responses to “SEE!? This is what happends when you go and surf other peoples’ blogs!

  1. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, Funky Finds!

  2. Hi Gina – thanks for taking the time to comment on my site.

    I once did 101 things about me which took me several weeks to complete.

  3. wow, I didn’t know any of this information, this is some interesting stuff, I would have a heart attack if the government took out 78% out of my pay, sheesh, that is alot

  4. Yeah that is alot of taxes and I thought we had alot to pay in quebec lol.
    As much as I enjoy reading others meme’s I refuse to do them myself..tagged or don’t even try lol!
    Have a great day!

  5. The welfare system is crap, that is what i think! my hubby says that out of the 100 kroner one makes, in reality you just take 1 kroner home. Because on top of the taxes that you see on your black and white pay slip, there are plenty more taxes that you have to pay in terms of your daily expenses. The royals are the ones living the sweet life. To hell with the welfare system! To be honest, i don’t feel like we have a higher standard of living. We are just more indebted! 😀

  6. Well, we’re indebted here in the States, and we don’t get any services either. What we do get is a big fat military running around ruining our reputation worldwide.

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