Journaling challenge #2

13 going on 30I was over at Tiffany’s place and there is a Journaling Challenge going on.  While I am embarrassed to admit that I cannot digi scrap and my layouts look like Glamour Magazine dont’s, I was happy  to see that the challenge was to write about a moment that wasn’t so perfect.

My sons are 13.  They are at the stage where they think that they are smarter than we give them credit for, but they are a little naieve in the ways of the world.   Their school mentor ( each teacher is assigned a group of students to council) suggested to my husband and I that the boys are “immature” and he believes that they would be better off repeating the 7th grade, rather than getting promoted to the 8th.   If I understood him correctly, they are not academically deficient.  I am a little uncomfortable about holding them back simply because the school system decrees that a 13 year-old should be in the 7th grade, which is the basis of the decision.  Children start school at age 7 here they attend daycare (dagis) until age 7.  I have attempted to “blend” in with the program, but the little Jersey Devil (and not the hockey team) keeps coming out and asking me why this is so important to them(the school) and what the benefit will be to the twins long term?  While I am sure that they have taken advantage of the lienency of the program ( Reggio Emilia) because they were raised in a tradiitonal school system.  I am not entertaining any illusions that they are the same well mannered kids in front of a class of peers.  I hope that the training has really begun to kick in and that they will prevail in this issue.  The husband is asking for cooler heads to prevail, i on the other hand am ready to play Captain Jack Sparrow and board ship for a fight!  Gotta preserve the patience…we have emailed the director…We have chosen to err on the side of caution, for now.



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4 responses to “Journaling challenge #2

  1. teenage boys? you are in my prayers, lol, I wish you luck on that one

  2. Your boys are heartbreakers, Regina! If only my daughters were a bit older…we might arrange a wedding or two. 😉

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on the Emilio Reggia–I had never heard about that. But how can they be “taking advantage” of a system like that? I think I don’t understand well enough.

  4. My heart is with you in this area. My cousins (they are more like brothers because we’re sooo close) are twins and were both held back in the 9th grade for the reason you just stated. I never thought it was a good ‘reason’ because they were both smart. Immature yes, but decent in their studies. I guess I’ve always been a bit angry with my Aunt for letting the school system hold them back. Any who. You are their mother and you have your instincts. You’ll know what’s the best decision to make for them when the time goes. I know you and hubby will make the best decision. Thanks for doing the challenge! I love focusing on the ‘real-stuff’ too.

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