Doing the Tootsie Roll dance!

YIPEE!!!! I found a template to practice digital scrapbooking with so I can see if I like it!  I am sooooo happy!

If there is anyone that can recommend another prototype please email me!  I am SO excited! Now, if I can figure out where all the flowers and fonts come from…?kids-1.jpg


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9 responses to “Doing the Tootsie Roll dance!

  1. I am so inspired from reading your blog I just can’t say.
    I’ve never really been a crafty person, but have always wanted to be. I guess I just didn’t think I had that talent.
    But I do have the desire, so that makes me feel like if I give it a try – I’ll be good at it because I’d like to be. Does that make sense?
    Anyways, I have signed up to take sewing lessons at the local JoAnn fabrics store and I start next month.
    I love having unique and original clothes, especially for my kids – not to mention that I am as cheap as all get out!
    I want to make our clothes.
    Scrapbooking looks fun too.
    I have a bunch of photos laying around the house that I’d love to do something original with.
    I don’t have a LOT of spare time, but I do have some, I’d like to do something creative and relaxing with that time – crafting seems fun.
    I may take up knitting as well – I love sweaters!
    Happy crafting to you.

  2. AMEN, sister Gina! Havngany idea what you are asking for, you know I’d tell you. I love what you’ve done here!
    Serenity: My mother told me long ago that when you stop learning, you’re as good as dead. What a lesson to sign up for: SEWING. I took ‘Apparel’ in high school, sewed my prom dress, and hope I never have to do it again. That’s why I’ll always live near grandparents to do the buying of clothing! My applause to the creative women in the world!

  3. Cute. I’m not much for crafts, or visuals of any sort, actually, but I enjoy what others do.

  4. You have more patience then me when it comes to scrap booking lol, I have done lots of different crafts over the yrs though..I go through cycles..I do lots then make myself sick of it , then I stop for a yr or two..I am currently in the stop mode…but if something tweeks my fancy enough, I will do more for sure.

  5. excellent! btw, would you have the link? i would be interested in playing around with it for a while, eventhough i am not really good at scrapbooking.

  6. Glad you found something that you like! Enjoy!

  7. You know what…? The ONE thing that matters most about blogging and or documenting your daily events, is the responses that you receive! When people acknowledge your existance, you as a writer, begin to believe that you have a audience…someones that respect your talent and encourge you in persuit of your dreams…Thank you to all of you for helping me along.

  8. How crafty of you, I am impressed.

  9. BTW, forgot to say–maybe you have seen this site before. Also check out this blogger

    hope all that html comes out right

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