Smell that smoke? That’s me…I’m on fiyah!!!

The Number one son was visiting this weekend and it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get near the computer, let alone see it!  Love the young man dearly, but between him and the hubs it is not likely that we can co exist in this environment!  Today, Monday August 21st in the year of our Lord is  “Back To School for the 3 kids.  I took the ceremonial walk with the other happy smiling parents to the little red school buildings and then back home… I am now alone.   Aside from my poor dog having an epilepsy siezure out in the yard the day has been very uneventful.

Time to scrap. junky1.jpg

I have blown almost $several hundred dollars on Ebay looking for supplies to enhance my lowly scrap repertoire!  Here is my “center” of gravity, my desk.  I commandeered my husbands old work bench from the garage  because it was a good height for sitting or standing, as I am almost 6′ tall.   I can sit here and look at the ribbons, fibers and buttons and become inspired to create something!  That is if Number One Son or the Hubs is not in my chair…

Sometimes I can surf the net and visit my sources of inspiration listed on my blogroll, sometimes I can look at past issues of Creating Keepsakes and glean ideas for layouts and then again…I can look at my shelf and all the inspiration I need is right there! 

Saturday, my son asked me if I was afraid of dying.   I seriously thought about it before I answered him.  Was he anxious, trying to instigate a serious conversation or just wondering…?   “Yes”, I told him, “I am so afraid that I will die before I get a chance  to do all of the things in life I want to create and or experience.  That is why when I cannot sleep, I get up and tinker.  It helps me fulfill my goals of creativity and inspires me to keep dreaming “. 



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9 responses to “Smell that smoke? That’s me…I’m on fiyah!!!

  1. that is alot of money on scrapping OMG, you put me in the shade, ebay can be a little addictive, believe me I know, lol

  2. Ebay is a DANGEROUS PLACE!!!!!! You have a TON of stuff…hope your dog is doing okay now.

  3. Happy New School Year!!! And happy scrapping.

  4. Thanks to all you wonderful ladies for taking the time to pass by! I so love your works and your sites are my inspiration! Granted, my spot is not so glamourous, and I should have tidied it a bit before I decided to snap the photo, LOL!…but sometimes, I am so grateful to be able to reach out and connect with other women that I have something in common with! I just get excited!!! The Ebay thing…well, I worked like an indentured servant for my husband this summer and normally I travel to the US and get my shop on, but because we are adopting the baby, it is not likely that that will happen this year!

  5. time to PARTAAAYYYYY! 😀 i just can’t get it – how early they start classes in Scandinavia. Here it start August 13. Insane, just insane. Well, i guess it is good for the parents, those that are both working outside of the house, so they don’t have to arrange for babysitters or send them to summer camp. But for the kids, it must be a pain. I loved growing up in a school system that gave me THREE MONTHS of holiday – yeah baby!!
    Happy scrapbooking!
    btw, love the answer you gave your son!

  6. Whoa. I dream about a space like that. I also dream about an entire afternoon alone to scrap… Ah, someday when the younglings grow up.

  7. Shannon, I began to juggle and squeeze out time early in the beginning…I have always been a bad sleeper so it is nothing for me to get up and craft. When the kids would get on the bus to school and the baby was at daycare, I would multitask like a maniac just to squeeze in some free time…my husband finally converted my laundry room walled half of it and gave me a shelf and door! Next came a radio, then a dc player, then voila I had MY SPACE! Kids were home in the family room, I can see them, wash and scrap!LOL! It sounds funny now, but it worked really well!

  8. I appreciate the energy you project when you write about your doings. I enjoy learning about the lives of dynamic, productive young people and families.
    Oh dear. I’m beginning to sound like George Bush. But unlike him, I am sincere.

  9. Our little bishon maltese is epileptic..she gets a small dose of potassium bromide every day. She hasn’t had a siezure in over a yr since taking it and we are lucky because it is very inexpensive…Hope your dog is doing ok.
    Btw, I LOVE your craft area, makes me want to just start exploring all your little drawers and nicnaks lol

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