If there were ever a time to forget the camera…

shoe-metal.jpgI was getting the recap of babygirl’s football game last night at dinner.  She scored 7 goals in the 2 matches!  I had seen her award medallion but I was shocked that my husband FORGOT THE CAMERA!!!  There is a list of “stuff” one needs to sit though a childs soccer match…

  • insulated blanket with waterproof backing= check
  • thermos of coffee= check
  • the purple captains chair for draping towels and other supplies = check
  • the digital or SLR cameras that are always loaded and or charged on Mom’s shelf=  still sitting on shelf…

Oh well, if there is a bright spot to all of this, the hubs says he has ” a few photos ” on his telephone…


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4 responses to “If there were ever a time to forget the camera…

  1. I rarely leave my camera home, I may not take the manual all the time but I always have the point and shoot when I’m going out with my family, I have forgotten a couple of time,, not a good idea! I totally feel what you are saying

  2. *GASPS*. but i know what you mean. Heck, i just got my camera working again!

  3. I know how you feel! I needed my camera on Sunday,and left it at my h ouse!!!! LOL

  4. double drat!
    But at least you’re always prepared.
    Hope you’re printing out those digital photos–seeing as we don’t really know what becomes of digitally stored stuff after a few years.

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