Wordless Wednesday…. Res Ipsum Loquitor aka…Regina’s “ScRapHeAP”




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4 responses to “Wordless Wednesday…. Res Ipsum Loquitor aka…Regina’s “ScRapHeAP”

  1. Wowie, that’s lots of stuff!! Happy WW!

  2. holy crow, that’s a lotta scrapin!!

  3. I have tryed to reply to your email twice now and getting an error message both times for some stupid reason I don’t know lol. In responce to your email about more infor about the dogs meds, I apologize for the length of this post being put in your comment page but I have pasted the letter I wrote u in reply.

    We give our little Clochette(Closhette) .5ml (200mg/ml solution) of the potasium bromide…it is in liquid form so with a plastic seringe without the needle part..we suck up the liquid to the .5 mark….we then hold her head (mouth) and squirt it down her throat. She doesn’t particularly like it when we do that but she gets a little treat afterwards lol.

    Clochette is aprox 6lbs …we take her to the vet every 6 months now for a bloodtest…this determines if we have to increase the dose or leave it as is. That is actually more expensive then the meds themselves…but well worth it.The meds cost only aprox 15$ for a 3 month supply! So VERY reasonable…

    .Like you, we could not turn our back on our little 6lb monster lol…she is part of the family. And as I said , she has not had a siezure since taking the meds…she used to have what they call Grand Mal siezures…when we got her…the pet store had guarentees so any diagnosis had to go through THEIR vet ofcourse…and after testing and a few visits, she was ultimately diagnosed with epileptsi by THEIR vet..they opted to pay us the full amount of the dog back so they could wash their hands of any medical responsabilities..which was fine with us.They would only have to pay up to the price payed for the dog for any meds, $800 was easier done in one shot for everyone.

    I hope this has answered some of your questions. I know of a few other dogs taking the same meds for the same reason. See if your vet can perscribe this med instead, to atleast see if it works. Much more cost effective.

    Keep me posted…I would love to know how it turns out. Write me anytime if I have left anything out. Sincerely Moon

  4. damn all these beautiful gir. Stacy Fabian.

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