I’ve got issues! LOL

I am so inspired my my new list of creative blog ladies, that I spend more time blogging and seeing what is new there than I do scrapping and working on my altered books.  I have 2 swaps coming up and I need to get cranking on the Hubs birthday present ( hint: it involves 2 of his passions: golf and ice hockey). The kids are trying to settle back into a routine with school; my poor doggie is so sleepy as a result of the siezure medication; Trassel aka: BooBoo Kitty is so disgusted with Tojan for not chasing her, she just swipes at him and runs away. Sigh…

On a positive note: some of the gross national debt of Bothswana will not be alleviated this month because I did my shopping on Ebay! My scrap “heap” needs a little TLC.  

 In the fine traditions of the Scandinavia,  I’m beginning to  get settled in for the looooong and cooooold winter ahead.  Unlike most people, I absolutely LOVE the cold and the snow!  That means lots of candles ( we buy votive candles in bags of 100 or more at Ikea and they are so cheery in the evenings when we are watching tv!), baking and freezing ( in the event of unnounced company stopping by for a fika) and bringing out the area rugs and the shoe drier.  Swedes have indoor shoes and it is always traditional to take your shoes off at the door.  Keeps the floors dry and the dirt and snow out!


One of the best non-scrapbooking investments I have made this year is my torkskåpet…a drying cabinet!  We have had rain almost everyday this week and with the long winters ahead: the kids needing to dry boots and gloves and ski wear it was a necessity instead of a luxury.  Clothes are laid over the racks and the warm air circulates around them.  They are extremely energy efficient and are often sources of supplimental heat when the shower is cold.  

The bottom shelf is high enough so that you can put boots and shoes in it to dry with out the knocking and dirty filter of a tumble drier.  You just vaccum it out! 

So this is my “CRICUT” or ultimately my “WISHBLADE”. For this year.  I was able to score some of those to die for flowers from Prima!  Fingers crossed for the EAT YOUR CARROTS orange paint for Halloween!

Dr. Spock had it right…”the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”

Shout out to one of my favorite scrappers, Cynthia ( I AM  A COCONUT) who was scraplifted and noted on the 2Peas site!  YAY; Cynthia!



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6 responses to “I’ve got issues! LOL

  1. Hey you! I am so totally with you on the snow/cold thing. My least fave season is Summer. But we don’t get Winters like I’m sure you do in good ol’ Kansas.

  2. That really sounds like a handy thing to have, canadian winters are long, wet and cold here too lol.
    I sure hope the meds I suggested react better then the ones your dog is taking now. My dog is full of energy. She is doing just fine on the potassium bromide.
    Take care

  3. Summer is my least favorite also! I love the cold first, but Autumm (being a Jersey Girl) is almost always first!

  4. I love your photo file, gorgeous photos. I also love the warmer. I hate being cold and would love that. Take care.

  5. what? you love the cold? are you sure? LOL! 😀 we are desperately looking for a way out of Scandinavia precisely because we do not wish to spend another Christmas in this cold cold country. We love the “hygge” feeling as well, having people over, candles all over the house for the cosiness but it is the fact that we hibernate and i start swearing everytime i have to get out of the door…. know what i mean?
    Any good recipes to be shared with us? the fika?

  6. oooh, I’ve been wanting one of those dryers…someday.
    even though I’m sick, I have been scrapbooking- which is weird because it’s been a while. been scanning & printing all of that wonderful preschool artwork from last year- it’s easier to deal with 5×7 rather than 11×14.

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