I have a blog roll that consists of folks I like to read on a weekly basis and then there are the CRAFTY Sista’s!…Those that live to create and inspire while making my world and day a little bit brighter! Crafty Spirits are those that can take a paperclip and make it into a work of art or a family stabilizing factor! It is what it is…Help keep the creative community going and support other folks’ visions!

The count down clock continues…29 days till we fly to America and pick up Baby Girl!!!!

Isn’t life Good!?



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7 responses to “BLOG A SISTA OUT!

  1. Okay, i haven’t read you for a long time. Why is baby girl in America?

  2. Thanks for considering me one of your Crafty Sisters! I really don’t do much; just playing with yarn, arguing with my bunnies, and oh yes — blogging!

  3. Hey there! I updated!!! Just for you, btw! hehehe I’m a bad blogger…what can I say. I’m trying, though. Maybe I’ll make your blog list someday. A girl can dream, can’t she? =D

    Take care!

  4. Hey, 29 days, that’s less than a month!
    Is the whole family going?

  5. Does (person who used to craft) count? lol…At one time I always had stuff going but since I care for my 42 yr old high needs client who is blind, mute, epileptic, with the mental age of 6months…I can’t leave his side. I can no longer go down to my sewing craft room downstairs….I suppose if I really wanted too I would bring stuff upstairs but frankly I always crafted in cycles. I do lots for a cpl yrs then stop for lack of inspiration or just tired of it. I am in the tired of it cycle but I love looking at other ppl’s stuff or ideas. Maybe someday I will aspire to be on the ”Has Potential” blogroll lol.

    I have to ask same question as Xmishra…What’s this about a babygirl in america? Are u adopting? Inquirering minds want to know!

  6. Slap me now! I’m so out of touch that I’m not even crafting until my kids are out of the house *permanently*. I DO remeber you telling me that you couldn’t pick up your baby daughter until October, but I didn’t realize how soon that was! Of course, when you told me, it was JULY! My little Catie will be 6 on October 3 this year, then your family will have a new little one soon after. YEAH!! I’m so happy for you!

  7. Well, the main crafts accomplished in this house is: LOVE 😉

    Sounds terrific with Baby Girl…

    Hope time will fly until then!

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