The post man has rang…and it was the Surgeon!

Here in socialist country, one normally waits for follow up visits to doctors or specialists. You have the option of going to a private Physician, but in my limited experience, it is better to wait and go through the local care station doctors. They are very kind ( speak lots of English with me when I get that bright eyed, upraised eyebrow look!) It costs about $20.00 a visit but they give you this little paper to record co-pay stamps from anything helath related…anyhoo…I digress.

The lucky wheel finally stopped on my number and I have been scheduled for surgery on the 3rd of October. I get to check in the day before for the PAT’s enjoy a meal or 2 (probably fish, in a sauce) and stress myself stupid for the following 18 hours!

First of all, I have the utmost trust in the surgeon. He has actually pioneered several of the advances for the devices used in these types of operations and has developed a program to help the patient recover quicker by movement of the aflicted area. Secondly he was fluent in the Queen’s English which was a double plus for me! Now, the drawback…The anesthesiologist wants to give me a sedation in the spinal area…First of all, I have a problem with anyone wanting to even remotely massage my back, let alone go at my spinal chord with a 5″long needle. Secondly, this proceedure is expected to last 1,5-3 hours depending on the number of replacements he has to do…LIKE I REALLY WANT TO LAY THERE AWAKE AND FEEL; SMELL AND KNOW HE ÌS DRILLING, grinding and cutting ON MY KNEE!?

Now, see there! I’ve gone and grossed you out too!
Just wanted to share! Off to heave again!


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4 responses to “The post man has rang…and it was the Surgeon!

  1. Funny how you put Handy Smurf’s image in the post… Made me think you were hinting the surgeon and anesthesiologist were like him!

  2. Sorry you need knee surgery but glad u are getting it done soon. keep us posted , will send good thoughts your way.

  3. Well, i haven’t had to have the knee surgery.. but i have had the needle in the back. i had an epidural during m yc-section.. and the needle was fine. I was worse with the actual anesthetic.. because i have bad reactions to it. But the epidural itself was painless and helped me stay conscious so i knew what was going on at all times.

    Anyway, good luck with your operation… it’s the same day i start my new job 🙂

  4. I so agree with you, I’d want to be out too. Only if they need to talk to you and ask you to try to move your knee or something…have you asked if they can knock you out????

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