Happy Birthday, Maya!


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12 responses to “Happy Birthday, Maya!

  1. happy b’day to your little sugar plum, lol
    Nine, she is a big girl know for sure, hope you guys have a lot of fun things planned!

  2. so so so cute 🙂 she looks like a little angel. Tillykke med fødelsdagen!!!

  3. Awww, happy B’day to your baby!!!!!

  4. My Maya is ten and a half. Glad to meet another. Happy birthday, Maya girl. May you have water, wealth, contentment, and health all the days of your life.

  5. Adorable! Happy Birthday to Maya!

  6. J

    Happy Birthday Maya Papaya! I’m J, the mother of Maya, the daughter of Maya’s Granny. Glad to meet another Maya out there. 🙂 If you want to see my Maya, here’s a link to her birthday pics that my husband did:

    BTW, your Maya is gorgeous. 😉

  7. Awe, what a sweetheart!…
    I did a blog today about my daughter aswell..it’s her BDAY too lol, 16 yrs old today!

  8. Happy birthday to your baby girl! Looks like we’re both goind through it, our babies are NO longer babies~ Awwww 🙂

    Love your blog. Love the layout too. Come on now, you saw my layout. Did you laugh 🙂

  9. Your layouts are fab-oo, thanks for sharing. Sweet sweet bebe!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! 9 years old! I am crying because my baby is about to turn 1. I can’t even think about her turning 3 farless 9! You have a beautiful family and thanks for stopping by.
    Congrats on your soon to be addition!

  11. Sorry I am late to the party (you will understand when I finally get my latest entry posted), but Happy Birthday to your Baby Girl!

  12. Happy Birthday dear Maya, happy birthday to you!
    I found you when i was looking around at Flickr, at pretty organized. I like your scrapbooking style! My daughters name is also Maya!

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