General thoughts…

With the impending hospitalization i am trying to accomplish as much as possible before I am confined to my bed or a chair. Unfortunately that means that I cannot update as much as I want to , but I assure you, it won’t stop me from visiting! If I havent updated, just leave me a “HI!” that will make me feel better…kinda like I left the porch light on for you if you were out late! Have a great weekend! Saturday is Maya’s Kalas(party) and she has 15 friends coming over for hotdogs, juice, chips and I am sure lots of laughs! We shall see as I am not so good with the childrens entertainment!, LOL! That is the Hubsters department! Afterwards the outlaws are coming over for the Fika and Maya may get a gift or two from them…

I absolutely MUST get my laundry done and the floors scrubbed before I go to the hospital…I will rest better knowing that my house is a little cleaner since I have to be stuck in it…That of course does not go for my work space which is in perpetual state of chaos! That is my source of energy! LOL!

I have met a Maya’s Granny this week and another person in Sweden with a Maya! Most Maya’s in sweden are spelled Maja…For a quick dose of inspiration check out The Bumblebee ( link on my sidebar!).

I saw the movie Flight 93 yesterday.

I have worked in aviation management for over 20 years in the New York area. I have done everything there is to do except fly the aircraft! ( inclusive of assisting in flight during a medical emergency) My first job out of college and I gave up an opportunity to be a funds management trainee to marshall in aircraft. I still cannot explain my love or attraction to flying… I could not fly because I had corrective lenses but I did the next best thing… I moved airplanes for a living.

Nine eleven…two thousand and one…

I literally watched the events unfold that day…There is not an occasion that goes by that I do not relive or reconnect somehow, someway to that fateful Tuesday in my life. It is a never healing, ongoing wound ,but sometimes it manages to still itself for a while. I watched the film alone. while the kids were in school. I had a knot in my stomach and I clutched the arms of the chair for the duration of the film, but I loved it. I cried several times I relived the smoke, the fear and the anxiety of the events, but unlike those depicted, I survived. It was moving and insightful. Something I will never forget in both auspices…

It also brought me a strange peace, knowing that 44 men and women had the courage to do the unthinkable to prevent another horrific event. It is amazing how the human spirit can over come so many things to triumph. I am proud to be a survivor. God willing I will continue to challenge the adversities that try to defeat me.

I am believing this.



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9 responses to “General thoughts…

  1. Yikes! Sorry about your being bedridden. I do want your address so I can at least send “Get Well” wishes to you!

  2. Hope all goes well with you!!!!

  3. very busy!! hope everything goes well with your surgery and with the party (i don’t know which will give you a bigger headache!)

  4. Hope you get all the stuff u want done..I know what u mean by feeling better about the house, I am like that…
    Yay for partys! I used to throw my daughter bday parties and have a great time. As she turned 16 this week..she is to old for that stuff and even shuns any HOOPLA ..she thinks its (not her) …eye roll here….anyway the last BIG party was her 10th…as my mom gave me a surprise party at 10, I did the same for my daughter…I had a pajama sleep over..of 11 girls! counting my daughter…she was blown away when bought home to find 10 of her friends in pj’s waiting for her…this after 2 weeks of saying that she was too old for a party at 10…it would be a quiet supper with family only hehe…moms can be so evil …for the greater good ofcourse lmao.
    I have so rambled on but u got me remembering the last BIG party lol. HAVE FUN!

  5. Hope the surgery goes by quickly and as painlessly as possible. Happy cleaning. BTW, aren’t you supposed to be going stateside in about 8 days?!

  6. I hope your surgery goes well! I read something about a 5″ needle? Ew!!

    Have fun at the birthday party this weekend! (I love the name Maya, I named my puppy Maya and had never heard the name before I visited your site!) Hotdogs and chips….yum! makes me hungry 🙂

  7. If you can watch the movie, then maybe I can give it a try…I get a lump in my throat everytime I think of that morning…me calling my co-workers downtown (Washintong, D.C.) telling them to leave the office, them huddled around a phone while I held my phone to the t.v. set…my husband and daughter taking over 4 hours to get home out of the district…only 18 miles away…my sister’s co-workers upset that she left work to be home with family.

  8. Good luck on your surgery. Is “good luck” the correct thing to wish a person about to have surgery? Perhaps, “good surgical skills to you” would be more appropriate. 🙂

  9. We saw that movie recently too. We’ve heard so much about it and maybe that was the problem. We had too high expectations obviously, because we actually didn’t think the movie was any good at all! How different it can be.

    Sure, it was touching and interesting in some parts, but we thought that with this kind of documentary fact, they really could have done it a lot more justice than that!

    I actually saw another documentary program about it on TV (that almost was like a movie) that was far much better with much more character – and better built up facts of course. A lot of people were interviewed too.

    I wish you all well for the surgery!

    (Jag ska “hålla tummarna” för dig 🙂

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