The response that turned into a post…

One of my favorite bloggers asked me a question on yesterday’s topic..”would it be so bad if the kids knew what rubbers were?”

No God’s Child…^it is not so bad that they know what “rubbers, condoms, jimmy hats, gloves…are, not at all!…But as Xmichra says “that conversation could have went WAY different”! This is not my homeland as much as it is theirs…While they have mastered the Swedish language and I have not, I do own the higher level of education in terms of life lessons and university.

As the self appointed guardian of what is morally correct and acceptable in our family, it is incumbant upon me to guide and direct the children away from things that I fell rob their innocence and undermind their home training…like music video’s, programs like Jackass and American Dad and the constant barrage of sexual stimulation and nudity that is such a part of this culture.

I am not naieve either by any stretch of the imagination, and I don’t believe my young teens are singing Kumbaya either on their MP3 players, LOL! But have you listened to Green Day, and Panic at the Disco and Eminem…lyrically ? Even my favorite Danko Jones is a little too much for them but alas…this is where I hope and pray the “apple does not fall far from the tree” and a little common sense will preval. I had a friend put acid in my lemonaid when I was 17 because she was 26 and wanted to see me, a straight laced highschool majorette, trip. She sent me home in a cab and I inadvertantly slammed my right thumb in the car door and could not get it out. My mom, who was a LPN knew I had been drugged and induced vomiting but was unable to do anything about the busted but not broken thumb. She did give me some advice on not associating with Barbara anymore which I took. This was a person I had worked with, she took me to places like Studio 54 during it’s peak, Emerald City and other hot spots because I was 5’11 and 140 pounds soaking wet, so I could pass. I worshiped her! Everywhere around me fellow hgh schoolers were doing drugs and being cool, but that was not my destiny…I felt it

My best friend’s niece committed suicide 4 months ago by kneeling on a commuter train track after just shopping in Stockholm and buying a new jacket. She had been troubled but to this day we all wear the pain of the “what if” guilt associated with not reaching out to a person when they may be unable to do so for themself…

If my kids destiny is such that they end up doing something that is contrary to their teaching…that is free will and out of my hands. If they have not been taught respect and value for self and others, that is my bad.



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11 responses to “The response that turned into a post…

  1. We’ll rub that in 😉

    It was a long explanation. I would just say that even this kind of “small” situations early in their life can have a great impact for the rest of the life!

  2. i understand where you are coming from, it is really UP to the parent to decide what is right for there children regardless of what anyone else thinks,,, because in the end, the parent is the one usually blamed for the child’s shortcoming, it is a fact
    take care

  3. Thank you, Toya…that is EXACTLY ehat I was trying to say without sounding standoffish or cold…! There are so many forces out her at work against me and my husband for controll of our kids…You gotta step in sometimes….and let the chips fall where they may.

  4. As a parent myself, its up to us what we teach our kids….we are responsible…no one else.

  5. you know, I think that was a lighthearted question.. not an accusation. But still, I would say that determining the time and place for certain ‘topics’ is up to the parents. Although.. by the time you feel it is adaquite for timing, they may already know from other sources.

  6. Very well put!! I agree with you, we have to instill as much as possible of the good stuff and pray and hope that our teachings will pay out in the long run. Naievity or over protectiveness is not necessarily the case but that we teach them about these things when WE (parents) deem suitable. WE know best right now.

  7. Xmichra is right. I didn’t mean anything by it.

  8. I’m about to rock the boat here. Its what I’ve been doing this weeek. Sue me.

    i agree that the choice of timing is up to the parents but how can you expect your thirteen year old to make the right choices and use his common sense if he hasn’t been given all the tools in which to make the decision you would hope and pray he makes?
    all in all isn’t the conversation about rubbers just as if not more important than say Tony Hawks helmet?
    you are right it is all about your choice but I agree with the previous poster xmichra, because contrary to what Toya said”the parent is the one usually blamed for the child’s shortcoming ” people want to blame the parents but they can’t – the child usually blames the parent but that is pointless. and contrary to what Tasha said “WE (parents) deem suitable. We know best right now” my parents thought they knew what was right for me but they were wrong so some accounts. My biggest fear is, what if I am wrong too?

    I’ve read a bumch of your posts and will be adding you to my reader, you are a great mom and blogger, good luck wiht tha ttrip to the hospitial, My home will be praying for you!

  9. p.s
    thanks from coming by the blog, and I’m trying to gather the funds to buy those plans and give a copy to everyone who wants a set. If you want a copy let me know, we plan on buying them next week or so.

  10. p.s.s Does cuban and lasanga ship well?

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