Another toe bites the dust…


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8 responses to “Another toe bites the dust…

  1. If the kids did that, it would be too much like right! LOL, feel better soon!

  2. looks like your medical system is worse than ours – did not think that possible!!
    Is Ken feeling better? What did the nurse conclude? Did he get an Xray? Too many headaches, raising kids huh? Can’t say: “i’ve been there, i hear ya sista!” coz i haven’t—
    Are you all set to go back “home”? 🙂

  3. Boys and their toys. It starts as soon as they can walk, and it lasts as long as they live. Unfortunately, the boo boos seem to be part of the male experience. I so hear you on mothering a child who is in pain. Currently, my son is on crutches. ARGH. What’s a mom to do? I hope your son’s toe feels better quickly. Broken toes hurt like the dickens!

  4. I’m sure every mother ask themselves that same question,, so funny!!!

  5. Kim

    I can’t say anything because I was always the kid getting hurt because I didn’t listen either. Hope he feels bettersoon.

  6. Well, the medical profession has not advanced so far that it can do anything much about a broken toe!
    My mother, who had a poor sense of balance and refused to wear her glasses, was forever breaking her toes. It hurts like Hell and then gets better. You could put a little splint on it, I guess, and use painkillers.
    Lovely photos!

  7. That was such a cool question at the end! My mom needed to live my life too because I was notorious for hurting myself. I hammered a nail through my finger, jumped off a truck and broke my arm. Boy, I was silly!

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