Beginning physical therapy

I went today and it was as expected painful but necessary. I feel like such a whiner but itttt hhuuuuuurrrts!, LOL!
I need to enhance the range of motion so that means sitting in a chair and trying to blog…
Haven’t felt like scrapbooking or surfing, but I figure if I can do 3 -15 minute sessions, I can visit some friends and or blog a bit! What ever will help.

By the way!
If you know someone that is having this type of operation, there are several things that I have received that were such a blessing and make my recovery so much more pleasant…they are:

1. An apron with large pockets. Being on crutches, your hands are always occupied. I could carry things I needed with me and or take in the mail and or keep the phone close to me. The fact that it went over my head and had a small chest pocket allowed me a place to store medicines and or my Ipod!

2. A super sized insulated water cup! I was constantly thirsty and hated ringing the bell for help or water!

3. The area rugs were removed and the furniture between my bed and the bathroom repositioned to accomodate my crutches…. I almost wiped out on one of the hubsters socks when my crutch slid over it at the foot of the bed…scarey!

4. A really good friiend gave me 3 recipe cards and told me when I needed a meal, to call and tell her which number I wanted. These were a pot roast, beef stew and pork chops that she had cooked and stored in her freezer for us and the hubs could call for the entre and she would deliver it and the things to go with it. It was so wonderful and more than I could have asked for!

5 A friend took the kids to the grocery store with them or just invited them over her house for a few hours. I could sleep knowing that the kids were looked after and the hubs also got a much needed break! It sometimes got to be a bit hectic with 4 people hovering around wanting to deliver tea, water, lift my leg, bring in my mail…etc.Sometimes all I wanted was to be alone! With my pain and my misery, LOL!



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4 responses to “Beginning physical therapy

  1. It is so good to see you online. Not sure if you knew but there is a little surprise that I am tracking for you. But you must wait! 😉

  2. Glad you’re back …What good ideas those are, the apron and such….simple things make such big differences sometimes.

    I remember one of the gifts I got after having my daughter, was a cpl ready made meals….It was such a wonderful gift I though and the most useful during times of utter exhaustion and panick with a new baby lol…YOu have a GOOD FRIEND lol.

    Hope to hear more from you soon.

  3. You are back in the blogging world! YAY! Sounds like you are surrounded by wonderful people and it is the small details that make the difference indeed. Who would have thought? An apron? And the recipe cards? What a sweetheart!
    You take care of yourself and hope the recovery is quick and not too painful! You will tell us if you get a cute and handsome PT, right? 😉

  4. Great ideas! Hope you’re all better soon.

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