I got GOODIES!!!!!

goodies1.jpgLOL!, I think I should say I had lots of goodies but some of them did not survive any longer than it took to take this photo! Kimberly sent me a FedEx Goodie hookup the likes of which I have never received and I would like to thank her for her kindness! As the package was being delivered, I was so excited, I miss stepped in the foyer and my crutch slid on a area rug. I attempted to hold on to the package and ended up falling and injuring my already injured knee! After a trip to the hospital and having the wound treated and stapled again, I was a hot pan and took to my bed!

This morning, a nosey son brought me the package and asked why I had not opened it. I had completely forgotten about it in all of the injury and chaos! We got it opened and I was so surprised to see the goodies she had sent me…a complete stranger!? This was truly one of the nicest things that anyone has ever done for me and I am still smiling ( and burping chocolate, mind you! 🙂) PS… There are only 5 pieces left…the Hubbs will flip out if he finds out there were goodies and he was not “remembered”, LOL! The book of quotes is especially appreciated as I often write a list of “advice” in my childrens scrapbooks and there are a LOT in there I recognize, but have not used! I missed the changing of the leaves as I was in the hospital for a week and confined to the house for over 2. The yarn is so beautiful and reminds me of warm nights to come. I will ask my sister in law to come over and help me do something fantastic with it! There is a photo!

Kimberly, Thank you for being a kind and generous soul! You really made my day and made me smile! That you would go out of your way in time and expense to cheer me up puts a knot in my throat…thank you!



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5 responses to “I got GOODIES!!!!!

  1. OMG! I did not know my package could cause such havoc. I am sorry and you are so welcome! I figured that cranberries in dark chocolate would be a good thing to send you besides Lucy’s hand-dyed sock yarn (which I will repeat, the Yarn Harlot LUVS) and other US-based yarns.

  2. Only a kind and generous soul herself would attract such a kind and generous gift from a stranger! I wish you a speedy (and chocolate-filled!) recovery!!! And success in created something fun from that to dye for yarn! 🙂

  3. whoa! nice layout!
    I thought I was in the wrong place.
    Enjoy your yarns. Knitting or crocheting?

  4. Nice stuff!!!!!!! Now get crafty!!

  5. Hej!
    I hope you are feeling better! Thanks for stopping by my blogg 🙂
    Oh, I wish I could knit, if I would I’ll knit a pair of socks to warm my feet!
    Have a nice weekend!

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