Working through the pains

loppis.jpgFor the past 3 weeks as I sit at the computer, I try and brace the toe of my shoe against the desk and gradually slide closer and closer maybe a centimeter at a time. It was quite painful and with the new staples, it is uncomfortable but I have regained a 90degree range of motion and am working for more. It feels good to be able to cross my leg ( left over right, only) but 3 weeks ago today I was unable to even move past the pain, let alone think about a thing that I normally take for granted.

We have had a slight set back with the adoption. It seems the foster parents want to retain custody of the child and has over stated the degree of her handicapp to me, thus seeking to influence me to withdraw. I feel so bad but what will be will be. I am sorry that I consented to exchange emails with me and I am sorry that this has taken so long that I am beginning to feel frustrated and second guessing my decisions.

I went to the flea market on thursday on a crutch in the 40 degree wind with my Birkenstock sandals on ( still cannot get the foot into the car with a shoe on it:-) . I had a great time as all of the regular Thursday door busters were there and we could not wait to get inside and see what the newest goodies were! I found a leather container filled with old jewelery, most of it sterling silver. There were some great keychains that could be used for my altered art projects and a set of silver plated mini coasters that will become antique frames for vintage ephemera photos. Sometimes pain is necessary.



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6 responses to “Working through the pains

  1. so sorry to hear about the problems you are facing with the adoption process. 😦
    but glad to see you are back at your computer screen with your mug of coffee! are you going to post pictures of the stuff you bought at the flea market? 😉
    how cold is it up in Stockholm? We are FREEZING here!!!!

  2. You MUST love flea markets to brave the circumstances the way you did!!! Gosh so sorry to hear of your adoption ordeal. I’ll light a prayer candle with hopes that the path to your heart will be illuminated.

  3. I feel bad for you about the tie-ups with the adoption process. My advice? Take a DEEP breath. You’re right: What will be, will be.

    God knows that your heart is in the right place, so he’ll work out the details.

    (((Hugs from Texas)))

  4. Man, that is bad news. I hope that things work out for the best for her. I really hope that although they don’t mind stooping to certain things, her foster family will really love her right.

  5. So sorry about the injury. Sounds like your are getting around pretty well despite it though.

  6. Wow girl. I am gald to hear you are staying strong through all of this. And I am going to pray for you and the adoption situation. Wishing you peace hon. -Karla

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