It’s not REALLY snowing…he says…

6am-snow.jpgThat is what the Hubbs says to me when I call to ask if ” this is REALsnow or just flurries…REAL snow meaning that I need to prepare sandwiches and coffee for plowing in the evening. “NAH” he says…”it’s just flurries…OK?!, if you say so…
6 hours later he comes flying in the door asking for a lunch bag…There is snow up the yahoo and several customers have called for removal…I feel bad for him but I kinda felt even worse that he kept ignoring my photo upate (evidence attatched!)



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5 responses to “It’s not REALLY snowing…he says…

  1. Holy moly it’s a snowin’ over there! Husbands are VERY hardheaded sometimes.That chair used to not look THAT white! I hope you guys stay as safe and warm as you can. Keep us all posted!

  2. now that is depressing. eventhough i am just a few hours south from you, i am glad we are not at that stage yet…
    saw how bad it was in sweden on the news last night…
    with the kids soon gone, you will be able to “hygge” at home, blogging with a nice warm cup of coffee. Time to get out the candles… 😉
    Hygge dig!

  3. Great pictures! They really tell the story.

  4. BRRRRR!!!

    hope you are recoveing from your surgery! 🙂

  5. I refuse to see this pictures. I hate snow. I have my eyes closed as I write this comment. This is not the kind of posts I want to read….

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