Thursday flea market stuff!

Found a new in package copper pan, an old ink tin, a porcelain nut bowl ( to be used for popouri drying) and miniature books for my scrapbook pages and altered books! total cost less than $20 bucks! This is my therapy…for now!

Hootie hoo! The hubs worked all last nignt and is in the sleep of the exhaused, I have been to therapy (physical, thanks for askin…not mental although I won’t dispute that that would be helpful…but I digress) Hit the grocery store, flea market and am waiting for the last child to meet up with friends before I am what they would officially call :ALONE. I am so excited! A day of surfing and blogging! Off to see my blog roll!




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10 responses to “Thursday flea market stuff!

  1. hehe… enjoy that time alone.. it is is SELDOME. hehe…

    And have i said how much i love the new template layout?? It is really great for flow. 🙂

  2. The flea market ROCKS! I found this like drawer thing just like the one in Donna Downey’s ‘Photo Decor’ book on page 50. That thing was 25 BUCKS! I was like sooooo tempted but opted not to get it:( I guess they saw the ‘scrap potential’ in it!!! Girl It sounds like you had a blast. I can’t wait to what you do with all that stuff! You will post it won’t you? Later girl -Karla

  3. happy surfing–thanks for dropping by

  4. flea markets are great, I haven’t been to one is a long time, I used to go the Aqueduct in queens NY with my dad.

  5. yay! loved the Hellios box! haven’t been to a flea market in decades…. in a long time for sure. But there are no good ones in the area here…
    Happy surfin’ girl!! 😉
    hav det bra!

  6. Sounds like you’re really recovering – good 🙂

  7. Hey, Regina! Love your new blog look! Must be contagious, cuz I just finished giving mine a bit of a facelift too! LOL Have a great weekend! hugs xoxo

  8. Girlfriend, get you some double-sided tape (permanent works better with red rubber) and put a strip on your clear block and stick your stamp on it (don’t mess with the wood mounts, I have a whole box of them cuz I pulled all my mounted rubber off the wood, I am saving all the wood mounts to alter and make art farts with). Then, stamp away. When finished, pull the stamp off the block and wash the ink off the stamp face. Remove the tape when it loses its tackiness. Could not be easier! Don’t fear the Stamp God! LOL

  9. HEJ, Alihopa! ( hey, everybody!)
    I don’t know what I did to the blog…I didn’t even realize I changed it!? Guess you see how much attention I pay!

  10. Such marvelous finds at the Flea Market!!! I LOVE those Chinese brushes!!! Using those brushes to write or paint is very meditative for me. Maybe because they’re oversized and they make me feel like a little kid. Enjoy!!!

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