Where is the craftiness within me?

I have been lazy.

Granted, I’m working on the leg rehab, but my scrapbooking supplies are getting dusty and it is no longer any fun to hoard them.

I REALLY can scrapbook!
I swear I can! Wanna see?


This is a photo of me and my sister Jennifer (aka: Winnie, another long story!) sometime in the late 80’s ( I’m so sure you couldn’t tell by the glasses!) I was just graduated college, got my first job and took Winnie to Dísney World with my bestis friend, Darlene and her daughter! I thougt I was doing it in 3D…Preppy to the maximum! Now I have to find the rest of these photos and continue the story!

( Thanks Karla for the kick in the pants I got from reading your blog! This is not a task but a labor of love…I just forget sometimes!)



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5 responses to “Where is the craftiness within me?

  1. Honey…honey…honey, totally feel what you are going through. I had a time a month back where I could not see art in a Picasso! Sometimes creativity just ain’t happinin’! It’s cool though cuz you’ll get your zest back!!! I am loving the BLING around that ‘a’ by the way.

    So yeah..just do your thing take your break and I’ll be waiting patiently for some more!!! Have a good night -Karla

  2. Those glasses are SO groovey!!!! I think the headbands give away that it was the 80’s too! 🙂

  3. Very nice page! I hope you get back in your groove and start scrapbooking again. 😉

  4. Hey, did you get the fridge fixed yet? Hope so!

    Love that layout, you got your Foxie Brown goin’ down, LOL!

  5. Lovely layout. Man, do I remember that preppy thing!! At least you weren’t wearing pink and green!!!

    I went to grad school for fine art photography. I left after 2 trimesters because the creativity abandoned me the minute I arrived there. This, too, shall pass.

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