Why do appliances fall apart before Christmas?

The ‘fridge started leaking 2 weeks ago…
Friday the washer went kaput…I normally wash 3 loads everyother day but since I don’t know what is wrong with it I must wait for The Hubbs to get motivated…The Hubbs is a little fried from being out on snow removal and sanding so I wait…and I wait.

The kids want to write Ty Pennington and ask him to come and help us. I laughed so hard I snorted! (sidebar: Ty, if you are reading this, know that I wouldn’t be greedy and ask for an EXTREME Home Makeover, just an extreme repair! I just loves a handy man! p.s….I only snorted cause I didn’t think of it first! (cough!))




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2 responses to “Why do appliances fall apart before Christmas?

  1. LOL!!That is too funny! Your kids must be something else!!! Good Luck with all that. I just don’t know what I would do if my washer broke! It seems like all I do is do laundy…I might cease to live!!!

  2. I am laughing right now…and it’s mainly to keep from crying! I TOTALLY know what you mean about things falling apart right before Christmas. We paid off my car about four months ago and lo and behold, it’s made it known that it needs some work!!! Cha-ching!!! 🙂

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