I’ve got my Girly Parts

girly-bag.jpgIt came today! I am SO excited that this is the best I can do …show it to ya!

I love it! This was custom made by Heather and I couldn’t be happire with it! I wanted something bold and loud for heaving my scrap/craft/camera in and this is what she came up with! It has pockets on the inside and outside with a sholder strap and a reinforced bottom. This baby will take a lickin and keep on tickin and I am so damn happy with I’m going to get a matching custom size to hold 12×12 projects. You get your choice of fabrics and this is no thin single layer bag. It is lined, and even comes with a fou-fou zipper pull!

bag.jpg I love it and hope that all of my cyber friends jump on the bandwagon and get one!



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10 responses to “I’ve got my Girly Parts

  1. Hey Regina! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the vote of confidence in the couch jumping!!LOL. The new bag…coolcoolcool…I always love a new bag!

  2. That bag is so cute!!!! I need some new stuff to tote my scrappin stuff around in!!

  3. Oh Gina! I’m soooo happy that you are happy with the tote! Words cannot express my joy although, I did do a little happy dance a moment ago =D heehee
    Take care of that knee, lady!

  4. Bonjour!
    The bag’s colours are great!
    Merci for your post on my blog!
    I’ll post new pics soon on it.
    Have a good journée!

  5. You’ll love it. I have one for my camera. Well, I made mine, but it’s the exact same style. The cushioned bottom is so protective and helps keep the purse upright, too. Enjoy!

    How’s the knee doin’???? Are you doing your therapy? (trying not to wag my forefinger, LOLOL).

    Hugs to you and come visit me!

  6. you crafty people had great motor skills as kids didn’t you?

  7. Uuuhhh…that purse is FAB-u-lous! Heather is wildly talented!!!

  8. Uuuhhh…that purse is FAB-u-lous! Heather is wildly talented!!! Enjoy enjoy!!!

  9. Looks real cute and with all the extras? NICE!!! I want one!

    Show Heather some love and ORDER ONE!!!
    They come customized with what you want and it cost less than dinner and a movie for one person, LOL!

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