Flickr tricks on my Mom ( shhh, don’t telll her!)

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Once in a while, I began to wax poetic about living on another continent and away from my relatives. I spoke to my mom last week and she was saying that she regretted not moving to Sweden with me 4 years ago. I miss being able to drag her to the mall or to Target, where I have to convince her that they ARE in fact cheaper than Pathmark!

My mother has had several strokes and had fought back bravely from all of them. It has been so hard and I think the most difficult was that she started the year before I moved here. She has not lost her spirit and continues to make her presence felt as well as known within our family.

My call to her this week found her in better spirits and with no mention of visiting me ( which in Mom speak means everything is going well). She sounds great for a 70 year old woman and as a tribute to her spirit and her “Chutzpeh” I proudly blog on my mom, the one and only Janet Elizabeth . She is always surprised when I dig up these old photos of her and I like to use them in cards or layouts for her scrapbook. I scrap the kids and events here then take them with me to America when I visit to add to her book.



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9 responses to “Flickr tricks on my Mom ( shhh, don’t telll her!)

  1. Sorry GEE, I have to agree with Moms on this one. PathMark is waaaaaay better than Target.

  2. That is beautiful. You two have such a colorful past and I am so glad you shared your story with us. Have agreat weekend -Karla

  3. How sweet! I miss my mom a lot too since she moved 600 miles away. I can’t even fathom moving across an ocean…

  4. I know you must miss your mom something terrible! But sounds like the two of you just have a wonderful relationship! And she is just a doll–love that pic!

  5. Lorna

    Lovely post and a beautiful picture.

  6. i miss my mother, she passed away in 1985 when she was 49 from a stroke, she had leukemia and was to weak to fight back. that is a great picture of your mother, who’s little hand is that? take care lady.

  7. What sweetness to find your post about your Mom! I’ve been thinking of my Mom SO much these last few days! She lives in California (about to turn 72 years old!) and I’m in Oregon so while I talk to her a lot, I haven’t seen her and felt her hug in over a year! Think I need to go plan a visit…. 🙂

  8. HEY everybody and thanks for stopping by! I will return all the visits tonight!

  9. Oh, she’s lovely! I hope you’re doing well, too.

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