Working on my art journal/Book of Dreams

glue6.jpgglue5.jpgglue4.jpgglue2.jpgbook1.jpgI have been lurking on several altered art/book/journal sites since I began my Book of Dreams project, thanks to watching the process unfold on Artsy Mama. It has been a slow arduous process because I wanted the project to be my own, yet I wanted to try and embrace the techniques that are outlined in the layouts.


I started with an oversized world atlas book that I found at the local flea market. It is entitled “Hello World” and the picture on the cover is actually my mother’s mother Arminta Tolson Smith. She died when my mother was a child so it was my Grandmother Ruth that actually raised Mom and became my grandmother to base memories on. I thought it would be fun to have items that belonged somewhere in my families history represented in my book and journal. I found my grandmothers Eastern Star membership cards and books lots of old social photos and lots of great photos from the 30’s and 40’s that should be disked for future use…

Here is one of the first layouts I did using ephemera of my grandmothers, old family articles and vintage bits I have been collecting. Sorry for the bad photos!



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6 responses to “Working on my art journal/Book of Dreams

  1. I love your pages, they look so interesting and pretty! I just started mine, and never continued. I know what you mean about wanting it to be your own…I have to work on that! Maybe I’ll begin my next page tonight!:)

  2. Regina, I am so glad you discovered me and left such a neat comment. I therefore send to you a little funk and flinch. But not too much cause it only takes the smallest amount one could imagine. The reason I’m glad you discovered me is because now I have discovered you. I love your BOD approach. I too used family in mine. That was my first altered book. I’m off now to journey further back into your pages.

  3. Looks real good!! Keep it up. CAn’t waiti to see the finished project!!! Much creative wishes blown your way

  4. Your project looks GREAT! I just love the whole look of this!

  5. wow, I’m not really good with these things you did a great job

  6. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! wowee, you are being stalked by your muse, lady!

    Omg, my g’mother was in eastern star too – even worthy matron one year when my g’father was worthy patron. small world.

    i’m fixin to blog about a couple of artists who are showing their processes on their blogs step by step, i know you love that, come visit tomorrow!

    bloggin hugs!

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