The trip that I took as a child and will always remember…

My cyber bud Aimeslee was blogging about the Two Peas question listed above…I had to think for a minute as I did not travel much as a child.  We used to go to my great aunts house once a month where we would receive piano lessons and be reprimanded for using the word “ain’t”.  It was where we learned to eat with a knife and fork and use a linen napkin that had been ironed by “Sparkey” who’s real name was Theresa Tolson Giles. 

Sparkey never had children of her own, so her being my grandmother Arminta’s sister, she felt compelled to take care of us and introduce us to ” the finer things in life”.  She lived in a very affluent area at the time and was a teacher in the public school system.  We used to sit on her screened in sun porch in the summer and swing on the sofa sized wicker swing.  There were always fat soft cushons on it and I was guaranteedto fall asleep .  Once in a while she would have my uncle Wallace pile my sister and I in the Buick ( ALWAYS a Buick!) and we would drive off…I would be half asleep and often we would end up at Asbury Park or Atlantic City which would always bring me back to consciencousness!  I was about 6 or so and remember going on the Boardwalk and buying Salt Water Taffy in a large styrofoam bucket.  I loved the vanilla most and would often hide them and the orange at the bottom of the bucket so my sister wouldn’t find them!

Sparkey would take us to New York on Sunday’s after church and we would go to Delancey Street in New York, shopping for dresses( nice girls didn’t wear slacks to school or in public).  Since I was tall for my age, Stephanie and I were always dressed alike and people thought we were twins.  One Sunday I chose a nautical dress with a large square collar and anchors around the trim of it.  Stephanie also had one, but she chose a dress with short puffed sleeves and colored tulips around the border.  We thought we had died and moved on. 

 I remember those times like they were yesterday.  But the memory that remains most prevalent with Sparky was her love for nice things…We slept in the guest room that had a double bed.  It always had crisp; ironed, colored sheets on it and in the summer the 3 front windows would be open with the screens down and we would lay in the bed and listen to the cars whizzing by on the Garden State Parkway until we dozed off. 

I have a smile on my face just remembering!

Here is a photo of my Mom.  There was someone else in the photo, but I don’t know why she looked so dissapointed or why she looks like she is shying away from something…I must take this photo to NJ with me the next time I go and remember to ask her…The funny thing is, is that she can normally say where she was and how old she was!




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7 responses to “The trip that I took as a child and will always remember…

  1. Wow…You are so fortunate to remember so vivedly and these photos of you mom that you have shown us are astonishing. I love your down to earth and reflective self. Stay that way kay? chat with you soon -Karla

  2. Thanks for the love on my blog Regina! And OMG we had the same aunt and situation. My great-grandmother’s sister was Willie Mae. We called her Tee. She didn’t have any kids either, and felt it was her duty to expose all of us (neices, nephews, greats, and great-greats) to the finer things. I loved hanging out with her watching her get ready for one of her dinner parties. That was better than anything.

  3. Hey girlie! Your mom — gorgeous! Loved that jewelry too. And that TV! The classic console model, huh?

    You made me realize that a LOT of my transient childhood memories and feelings, the really clear ones, are traceable back to me falling asleep for the night. Yes, the smell of the sheets and bedding, breeze thru an open window, maybe a fan going, the train whislt ein the distance or traffic on the street. Wow, that stuff is priceless! Great storytelling!

  4. that was a very nice memory, you are lucky to recall things so clearly, my mind seems to be fading and i need a jump start every now and then to remember things, i do remember being 4 or 5 and riding in the back of my grandpa’s mercury and going to Ok City for the summer, that was a big trip for a farm kid who didn’t hardly wear shoes, i had them, just wouldn’t wear them. take care of yourself.

  5. very nice post and lovely photo
    that was funny about the dresses
    I’m jealous

  6. oh wow, your mom looks gorgeous! People did know how to dress back then and they put an effort into chosing their wardrobe. I just throw something on without giving it much thought.
    There is nothing like good memories…. of the good ol’ days!!!! 🙂

  7. i didn’t travel as a child but i am sure making up for it now…i’m all over the us these days on weekend trips

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