I’ve got the kids altering…


cereal boxes and their own journals…I have officially begun to share my OCD with the children. 

Last night I gave them each a notebook and they begun to alter it and journal.  One wrote about the New Year’s Eve family partys we used to have in the US.   He got his idea by reaching into my box of K&Company Tags to Go and pulling the word nostalgia.  I thought I would be using them more for scrapping and stuff, but they became more of a nusanse than anything else so I begun to use them to journal…Everyday I take one out and use the word as the basis of my layout.  There is over a thousand in the box so sometimes it may repeat, but I also have a journal jar with 100 things to journal about on strips of paper…I just choose then toss it or I glue it to the layout so I remember the source of the idea.

One took an old Ikea catalog and ripped out letters and made a header for his page!  I couldn’t believe the amount of stuff they had to write and they had fun using the different color gel pens for decoration, too!

Just what I need…partners in crime! Muwahahaha!



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13 responses to “I’ve got the kids altering…

  1. WOW…………..do I smell another scrapper in the making? This is GREAT!!! What a good idea too. Thanks so much for sharing! And I am sooo feelin’ oyu on the nostalgia papers. I got LOADS and never use them! But to let the kids, when they’er old enough, have at them would be cool.

    Chat with you soon -Karla

  2. girl if only I could get my two to pay attention long enough to do something like that. I have to drag it out of them most of the time to get them to do any type of crafts. Perhaps I will suggest it to see what they say.. wonderful idea!

  3. what a great idea…..i bought mason and melana their own little scrapbook….giving it to them for xmas as one of their presents

  4. That is such a great idea! I think when they look back on childhood it won’t be quite such a blur as it is for some other people. They’ll have their journals to look at too.

  5. I am so jealous, my dd has never been interested in doing any of that with me, and though she will decorate a poster board for school, that’s it. ENJOY it while it lasts!

  6. Being an enabler is such FUN! Hahahaha!!

  7. ok, now THAT is super cute! i love it when my kids want to create with me! 🙂

  8. see what happens to kids when they fall into the hands of bad company, they start to write and we all know what that can lead to, not to mention the the creativity. my oh my!

  9. oh BTW, what do i have to do to get on your blogroll, send you a check?

  10. that sounds like a New Year’s eve feast to me: buffalo wings, corn, yams, mashed potatoes. YUMMY!!!!! can’t remember the last time i had yams…. 10 years ago…. 😦
    Great idea to get your children involved and develop their creativity. Btw, do they attend an international school in Stockholm or do they follow the Swedish school system?

  11. OMGosh, $7.00 for a box of Jiffy cornbread mix?????

    That’s criminal! But….that casserole DOES taste awfully good…… LOL, thanks for the chuckle, friend!


  12. That is so great that you have them altering and journaling too! My kids all love to write and I really encourage them to journal their thoughts and also to do creative writing. We’ve yet to alter cereal boxes yet, though; but that’s a GREAT idea!!

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