My last Saturday…alone

Well, if everything goes according to plan, Baby Girl will be arriving on the 30th  of November at first light.

 I had a discussion with the boys this morning about moving rooms and they wanted to know why we were bringing her here if her foster family loves her so.  I tried to explain that the system is set up so that children are placed with family first, providing that there is some available and that they are qualified to accept responsibility.   Lots of people fall in love with babies but when the child is older, they are considered more difficult to place…They may have developed feelings and attitudes about things in their life that they have no control over, yet they keep getting shuffled from place to place and the feelings never resolve.  

I asked them, “if something ever happened to me and poppie, where would you want to go? I of course got 2 different answers then explained why I would have chosen place C, -not on either of their lists, but a place where they could all be together and not disbursed amongst family.

I swear I sometimes cannot believe I am severalbodies parent…I am the last person I would ask for advice and for some odd reason, when I call on the spirit of parenting…it has yet to fail me .    Sometimes I think things happen for a reason.  It may not necessarily be the reason that I want but it is what is meant to be.

Call it fate or destiny but my life as I know it is about to change.  I’m glad, nervous, a little anxious and wishing I had kept all of those 2T clothes I bought from Gymboree.

Guess I better get my craft supplies up off the floor and up hiiiiigh from small hands.  We haven’t seen a child resistant lock in this house in a long time.  Wish me luck.  I am going to need it and some prayer throwed in for good measure…Maybe I will just savor the alone time and have a beer!




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5 responses to “My last Saturday…alone

  1. My sweet friend – I have LOTS of girl clothes in 2T-5T to share! Just email me.

  2. I absolutely wish you luck, happiness, and lots of little pink onesies! What an amazing chapter of your life yare are writing! You’re in my thoughts and prayers! 🙂

  3. Oh, I hope it works out well!! God made people like you to be there for these sweet children!!

  4. you’re doing the right thing….you’ll do just fine and they will adjust…(i hope)

  5. Prayers on the way and if I were closer, I’d join you for a beer…or two.

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