way back machine…

I am famous for ducking when the camera lens is pointed in my direction.  On the other hand I am relentless at stalking my family and relatives for photos.  My MIL has a whole bunch of old photos that I want to get my hands on and use for ephemera, but alas she keeps them well hidden from me. Trying to find an image of me so that you know who your talking to, KWIM?

I need to get up and get cleaning.  I would hate for the “agency” to see the drawers of knives and cooking utensils we have stacked up on the kitchen floor due to me inadvertantly buying the wrong size replacement cabinets and now I cannot find the receipt to exchange them which means I may have to fork out another chunk of money, which I worked so hard for this summer. 

They would frown on that…leaving a small child in a house with drawers of knives and cookie cutters on the floor, right?



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9 responses to “way back machine…

  1. Yeaaaaahhh, probably. Those Agencies can be so picky that way! 😉

    How old is the family addition?

  2. Girl you are just crazy!!! Good luck on the clean up mission. -Karla

  3. You crack me up! A stalker & a ducker, interesting combination!

  4. yes, why is it that the ppl who are always stalking others for photos are so good at ducking the camera? And then after the years have passed, nobody remembers what they look/looked like.

  5. Well kids learn…My mother told me the iron was hot, once I put my hand on it I understood…of course I did burn my whole palm…

  6. It’s alright to duck. I avoid cameras all the time!

  7. Thanks to all of my loyal friends, LOL! Scrapbookers are always in search of the perfect photo…we just don’t do our best thinking in front of the lens!

  8. Very cute picture of you! The only pic I’ve seen of you was that old one you posted when you went to Disney World. You remember that one, with the super cool glasses! 🙂

    And yeah, the knives? You would definitely go on their “naughty” list…

    I’m so excited for you! That baby girl is gonna be so loved!!!!!!

  9. Hi our little brothers.G

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