Thanks to All !

I have not been able to read and answer all of my email but please know that I so appreciate all of the kind wishes!  I swear this is harder with all of the technology.  I’ve been on a literal vacation this past 4 years since we moved here and I like the upheaval. for now…wait another week…

 If there is someone out there that wants to tell me that I’ve signed on for another 16 years of hard labor, forget it…The sisters ( I have 3)  and I have already laughed that one off!   Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  If I could fly first class with the twins and keep them in check with the “evil eye” ( think Whoopie Goldberg, The Color Purple at the table when Sophia came home…:-), this should be a tad easier!

My desk sits full of “stuff” waiting to be filed or sorted.  Right next to the keyboard is a sippy cup.  These badboys are now in huge form with multi colors double grip handles the likes of which I have never seen.   It is so funny to see it here.  Oh, well FarFar ( my husband’s father) is here for the saturday morning fika, good thing I got up early with Maya and cleaned the kitchen…We actually baked a cake together.  I felt so June Cleaver!

Off to shower and check on baby girl…still not definitively named.



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3 responses to “Thanks to All !

  1. That was my only question: email me when you decide on a name!

  2. No name yet, huh?

    Did she come with some horrible appellation that you simply can’t stand?

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