I have been tagged…!

Sharon@ sent me a tag!  This is my first one as I am so lonely I normally steal them and tag my´self! This one is to name 6 wierd things about yourself…Hmnmn…that hsouldn’t be hard at all…

1.  I am superstitious.  My mom always told me to keep a box of salt in my closet and to this day, I still do…I know at one time salt was expensive and only the rich could afford it, but go figure. I don’t walk under ladders or tempt fate.

2. I don’t like to entertain.   Don’t know why but home is the sanction…you should not have to put on airs or clean up to make an impression on anyone.  The Hubbs works damn hard all day and if he wants to put his feet on the game table and have a beer, then so be it…

3.  I would like a pastrami on rye with extra pickle for Christmas. The best sandwiches I ever had in my life came from a bar in Newark, NJ called Jimmy’s Roscommon House.  My mom was a nurse and they would stop on pay day evenings and buy them…mmmmmh!

4. My dog has epilipsy and the cat is anti social.  You have to follow him closely and she hates to be petted.

5. I hate the use of dunce caps and wings on art… I donot know when I was dropped on my head but this is the most cliche thing I have ever seen and I refuse to propogate it!

6. I don’t like to use my art supplies on art…I know that I have all of these things and that I could create beautiful things with them…but I don’t wanna use them…(  I know…this screams Obssessive Compulsive Disorder!).

and JUST so that you know that I am wierd….I hate it when people groom themselves in public…Flossing, picking eye brows, clipping toe nails, changing bandaids…it really grosses me out!!! I was a camp counselor one summer my freshman year in college and the Ramirez kids from j&%¤#” C?&% came to camp and had head lice… all of the campers were infected and we had to literally quaranteen the camp.  My mom was a R.N. at a large hospital and came up to the camp on her 2 days off with Kwell shampoo by the gallon so that we could decontaminate the entire staff and campers… to this day, hair grosses me out., LOL!


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3 responses to “I have been tagged…!

  1. Hey thanks for playing. It was my first “tag” too and it was fun. There are some tags that I wouldn’t be able to get into so I hope they don’t find me. I think we all suffer from your number 6 to some extent; although, I’m getting better at it. And the dunce cap thing, I just don’t get it either. I do like to add wings sometimes though. I think what has helped me with that is that I have seen actual old old photos where the children were in costume (i guess) and had wings. But I don’t understand the dunce cap.
    Congratulations on your new baby. I’m sending your way special “funk and flinch” today because are so special, it will work however you dream, wish, or believe. And if I could send you a pastrami on rye, I would.

  2. LOL about the dunce caps and wings – you’re so right about it being cliche, but I just can’t help it. Sometimes I wonder, doesn’t everyone notice that everyon’s doing the same thing??? But I still like it!! And thanks (not!)for sharing that lice story…ugh! Btw, received my book from my partner today…hope you receive mine soon!

  3. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Girl you let it out there didn’t ya!!! My kind-o-gal! I feel you on a lot of that. Like entertaining…It’s probably not that I don’t like it it’s just I don’t like feeling stressed to impress. And the grooming…it get’s to me too! The whole scrapbooking supplies just sitting there looking lovely…yeah, I do that with my paper! And girl, don’t you EVER feel lonely! You got us kay? Love ya

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