It hurts…sob

Some people have no idea as to how it is to share your life with someone unconditionally…

My dog never asked for the remote, he never complained when the fan was broken…and he drank what ever water the kids had left for him…

My heart has a hole in it the size of Texas.  I cry and cry to no relief…

My God…what does if feel like to lose a child?  Will the pain stop…?



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10 responses to “It hurts…sob

  1. Oh, bless your heart. I’m so sorry.

  2. I have lost a child (August of 2002), and I can tell you that it never stops being sad. It does stop hurting so bad after a while. I can only tell you that doing whatever I felt like doing to help myself grieve made me heal quickly. I’m still sad that we lost a daughter, but then I look at my three living daughters and my heart swells with pride. Give thanks for the little things, Regina!

  3. awww. i am so sorry Gina. That is so sad. ((hugs))

  4. i am so sorry that you are still hurting….it will never fully stop but it will ease up….time heals {{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}

  5. Ohh, Im so sorry! But I know exactly what you are going through. We lost our puppy after he’d only been with us three short years……and we still miss him. It’s been a few months and it still hurts.

  6. It’s awful, losing anyone you love – canine, feline, human. It’s the price we pay for being human, I think. The alternative, though, is to never love anything and that seems like such a bleak existence.

    I know how terrible the pain is – both for the child and for the animal companion – and I can promise it will get better in time, most of the time. There are still times I look at the picture of our cat, Norm, on my computer desktop and burst into tears but most of the time it’s just a dull ache and a wistful wish that I could bury my face in his furry belly again.


  7. somebunnyslovedotcom

    –HUGS– I still wish I had more time with my Natasha, Nibbles, and Hayley. I miss them still. 😦

  8. I’m so sorry Regina! We lost our Dachshund due to a car accident and it was terribly tragic. I feel your sorrow whole heartedly. I know there isn’t anything anyone can say to make the pain go away but just know you’re in our thoughts and prayers.

  9. Oh, honey, I {{hug}} you. I’ve got a mini-doxie named Reggie and one named Sheila, and I’m tearing up just looking at your cutie-patootie’s face. Rest in peace, Tojan!

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