I’m taking a break from blogging…


4 kids and the house is chaotic.

 We have no tree up. There is only a Christmas flag úp.

  Chair in Swedish is “stol”=( pronounced stool.)..so we have the Yule Stol…(which rhymes in Swinglish) and we pile all of our packages in it then sort them out on the 25th…we are a sad lot…

My desk is piled up with mail, unfinished products and “stuff”

I have not bought anything for myself or the hubbs…

I cannot get it together and it is too late for a miracle.  Merry Christmas, everyone! 

This is by far the lamest Christmas I have ever done. 


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10 responses to “I’m taking a break from blogging…

  1. i am right there with you…i am so depressed and i don’t know why?

    hope your christmas will be good!!

  2. I hope things get better.

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  3. Things always look darkest just before dawn, right? Thinking of you and yours this Christmas!

  4. Lamest Christmas says who??? Your family just got bigger and didn’t you just have like major surgery on your back??? Tree or no tree I’m bettin’ your house is full of love and laughter! I’d suggest that your priorities were just in a differnt place this year…and probably right where they should be! Hugs and holiday cheer, my dear!


  5. Oh honey,,,don’t you evn go there! Listen…I had my whole Christmas turkey dinner thing all layed out and when It came time to write the list for my husband to go out and get all the stuff, I forgot the most important parts. The thing to cook the turkey in…the ham cuz my husband does not like turkey….the list goes on. So anyway, this was Christmas eve when this happened and dunmb me thought oh well. I’ll just go to some store and pick up the stuff we forgot on Christmas. No big deal right? Well,of course NOTHING was open. I was devistated. I had no Chrismas dionner. And while some might think it’s no big deal it meant a lot to me. So I’m like sad in the car and my DeRick turnes to me and says. “It’s ok…it doesn’t matter what we eat. I can eat the chicken nuggets for all I care. As long as we are together.” Girl I would have cried out (like I am right now) If I had not been so upset to begin with!. But he was right. All you need is love honey! Yes…people have stories of how they got this and that planned, and they went here and there. That is a good thing but it in no does it mean that it’s the ONLY true way. NO…all you need,and ever will need, is LOVE. You feel me girl? Well, shoot you won’t get this for a while I’m sure. But just in case you feel the funk next year or on ANY holiday…you remember what I said kay? Love you

  6. Hey, sweetie, I am slowly getting back up to speed….my sinus infection is responding slowly but surely to my antibiotics. So, we didn’t decorate this year, or really do anything. I did manage to buy about 75% of the presents online in between my stupid weirdo illnesses, lol. So, you are not alone. Sometimes, we set ourselves up for this perfect holiday and it ain’t that way. Just chill and do what you can, punt on the rest! Hugs!!!!

  7. GC

    Hey, happy, healthy, and prosperous new year to you.

  8. Hey. Sorry to hear about your bummer Christmas. But you’ve got company. Everyone I know who is trying to live up to Christmas dreams has gone nuts this year.
    Better luck next year!

  9. Oh Regina, I hope that you made it through Christmas! The good news? . . . it’s now a new year and maybe things will look up! I will really look forward to “seeing” you again when you decide to blog some more!

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