A “do over” for 2007!

I used to laugh when I heard one of the kids try to explain that they should have another chance by saying ” I CALL DO OVER!”  As if those words had some mystical power to erase the error that they had made and gave them a clean slate.  Then as I sat pondering the wisdom of kids, I thought to myself: “how come I don’t get a do over “?  Who said I had to get everything right the first time? 

In the spirit of DO OVER , I have decided to give myself a second chance to get my act together.   I gave myself permission to get off of my own back and start again. 

I have read about Karla’s missing dinner; Aimslee’s illness and the general lack luster feeling that needing to decorate, shop and spend brings about…a sort of overwhelming depression or funk to our creative spirits…

Never taking my own homespun advice, I always tell the kids,  “never let anyone take anything from your spirit, that they didn’t give you…”   If they did not bring you joy, happiness and a willingness to go on, don’t ever let them take yours from you!

Like Chumbawamba said: ” I get knocked down, but I get up again…”

Thank all of you for your kind words and support.


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10 responses to “A “do over” for 2007!

  1. I LOVE Chumbawumba’s ‘Tubthumper’! In my house, we use a golfing term for ‘do over’: MULLIGAN. My husband and I use that word with our daughters when it become OBVIOUS that they are telling a big fat lie. We give them a second chance to tell us the truth. When they STILL chose not to tell the truth: I have a tiny bar of soap that fits perfectly in each of their mouths!
    Glad you’re back! MULLIGAN for you, my friend.

  2. Check out my My Space profile and you’ll hear the song!


  3. Woo-hoo! Great outlook on life, and I am glad you are following your own words. Happy New Year!

  4. Of course you get “do overs” anytime you need/want them. I give myself permission for lots of do overs. I am so glad your back and hope you find time for ART in your busy family life. It really is a nice way to rejuvinate and relax. I appreciate all your encouragement. Happy New Year.

  5. GC

    I am curious what Erin does with said soap once it is in the offender’s mouth.

    Also, happy new year and mad props on the do-overs. I’ll take a couple of those myself!

  6. GC – The tiny bars of soap are samples from the store. They are in tiny boxes, where the reside. When I use them (rarely),I set the timer for one minute and the offender has to hold it in her mouth until the timer rings, then gets to rinse it out. Then the soap goes back in the box. I haven’t had to do that since last summer, though. Any more questions?

  7. In our house, we just say, “I didn’t come with instructions!” Good to see you *up* again! 🙂

  8. I just called a do-over on my personal life. Makes me think of everyone in house party dancing…SWITCH!!!

  9. Ahhh, thanks for thinkin’ of me, sweets. I totally approve of your adroit seizure of opportunity: the do-over. If you don’t grab it, somebody else sure will.

    And me? Heck, I’m in heaven cuz you are posting again, and so am I! Let’s not stop, ok? 😉 {{hugs across the ocean}}

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