Kids are insane these days…and sometimes they are led by their parents.

Normally the kids have to earn time on the computer.  We are not of an age or a budget where we can have multiple lines and systems at this time. 

Today, we had company.  Some friends that came by to share news of an impending birth, and just catch up over some coffee which turned in to me cooking swedish meatballs and pasta, the national dinner.

I let their son and my 2 go on the computer in the office while we talked in the living room.  I signaled T2 to come in.  I asked what they were listening to on the computer, since it was obviously drawing a lot of laughs from within.  He tried to give me some soft soap about it ” being something on the net”.  I asked him to lean in a little closer and told him that I knew it was Jack Black ” aka Tenacious D and if he did not shut it down immediately I would pull the plug on the whole experience.   He then begins to explain that the “guest” did it and I told him that made it even worse.  That he willingly let someone come into our home and committ offenses that would get them sent to their room for the night.  I asked if he was willing to take responsiblility for the situation and he said ” no, he would go and shut it down. 

 The father of  the boy ( who was obviously up in the conversation I was having with my son) then chips in with ” Yep, you can learn just about anything on the internet…From how to grow marijuana to building a bomb”.    In a fit of American arrogance , I replied ” I’m sure, but that dosen’t make it acceptable to acquiesce and let children listen to it.”  I respect the liberal  “let it roll off my back” hand with which Swedes want to rear their kids but if you don’t teach them to stand for something, they will fall for anything.  

 What you allow in your own home is your perogative.

 Make no mistake, I am well aware of Tenacious D and can probably quote a few verses, but to allow the propagation of the vulgarity in MY house by a CHILD is “SO wrong in SO many ways” to quote Jake Long: American Dragon.  If I were a guest in their home and the kid cranked it up with my t’weens in the room, I would have pulled them out of there also and let their kid have a go at it alone. 

I know my kids are aware of profanity.  I am sure they can belt out a few with the best of their peers, but they better not let it slip in front of me.  At 11:30-12:30 am, some of the channels show porn.  Nickelodian is one of those that if you fell asleep in front of the tv during the Detective/ Crime programs, you would wake up to a whole lota  thrustin and grinding.   My tv is in lockdown.  Any program with a rating of 15 years or better requires a code.  This has effecitively let in several r rated programs, that even the 9 year old has seen, like Gladeator and Hard to Kill. 

 My husband thinks I am being too protective but I make it a habit to read the daily paper everymorning.  Kids are charging their parents with assault.  Parents are going off the deep end and murdering their kids.  Teenagers are being segregated from the rest of the students at school because they are acting out ” techniques and things” that they see in gangsta videos and uncensored movies.  An 18 year old was charged with the rape of a 15 year old he met in April.  He got off, because he said the sex was consentual.  It is allowed here at age 15 to decide over your own body.   Did she really say no?  Did he think it was funny because he has become insensitive to the shock value things like rape have on our society ( did I mention that underage drinking was involved and that it and clamydia are the 2 worst plagues on youngdom in this country)?

I need my own mom, more than ever.



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7 responses to “Kids are insane these days…and sometimes they are led by their parents.

  1. So much to say…but not on your page. Let me just say: I agree with you TOTALLY. I am glad that my husband and I are in agreement about all aspects of discipline. It allows us to present a united front, so our girls know WE WILL NOT BEND OUR STANDARDS.

    I’ll email you more, if you wish! You Go girl!

  2. Aimeslee

    I really admire that you know what you want for your kids and you are doing it 100%. That oughta be against global law to let anything adultish on Nickelodian, good grief. I was lucky when my DD was small, it was a great channel and that is all she was allowed to watch. I think it gets scarier every year to raise a kid.

  3. Good for you. Stick to your guns. Even if your kids think that you are too strict, I’m sure they’ll thank you for it in the end 🙂

  4. GIRL.. I want to give you a high 5!! You are an awesome mom and I admire you sticking to your morals and values!! Even here in the US so often parents aren’t paying attention to what their kids are listening to. What happens is they spend so much time listening to that smut that they get desensitized to it, and then are more likely to do such things.. prime example – that song Laffy Taffy.. if you have ever heard it you know, it’s some nasty stuff that even grown ups shouldn’t walk around singing, but my 11 yr old step-daughter knows the words (from being allowed to listen to it at her mom’s house). With this new year with many blessings being poured out on us, we are determined as a family to clean up our act.. we aren’t perfect, but we are trying to use this statement as a “guide”.. and the statement is “how would God feel about me doing XXXX or listening to XXXX”. You will be blessed for what you are doing in your family 🙂

  5. Amen, amen. I worry sometimes that we’re going to be the “meanest parents ever” but then I think that maybe that’s not such a bad appellation to have as long as it doesn’t spring from abuse.

    In an aside: I can’t believe Nickelodian of all places has the bump’n’grind going on at night!! Appalling.

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