Trying something new…

Flowers for Friends 

Most of my blogroll is made up of people that I share an interest with.  We have never met, probably never will; but we have something in common: blogging!  This week I plan to visit everyone on my blogrolls and say “howdy”!  I normally click on a link from their site that I don’t know and aslong as I don’t have to look at anyone elses “breasteses” as baby girl used to say, I’m ok! 

Blog on people!  Let us see more creative stuff and general ” reach out and touch someone”…literally, that is…

Sharon and Karla:  Thank you so much for sharing a real piece of Christmas Cheer with me.   It brought such a smile to my soul be thought of when I was down in the dumps.  That’s what friends are for!



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10 responses to “Trying something new…

  1. Just loved seeing you stop by my blog today! Thank you! And I just noticed I’m in you list of crafty sisters! Love that! Thank you, thank you! Your flower picture is lovely!

  2. GC

    sounds like an adventure. I think just about everyone on my blogroll is safe. Happy visiting.

  3. Well hey there crafty sister! Just coming by to say “howdy” myself! 🙂 As with GC, people on my blogroll are safe too! My blog is typepad and they used to have this feature, “blogs recently updated” and then they would list five or so. Well, one of the names of a blog was a complimentary term. (I’m not even going to type it out here). I thought it was describing crafts or flowers and so I clicked on it. WHOA! Was I wrong! “Breasteses” and other things filled my screen! Thank GOODNESS I was at home and not at work! Lesson learned!!!

  4. Love the flowers. One of my “habits” I am trying to work on is commenting on at least 12 blogs each time I go into Bloglines. Maybe that would be helpful for you? Anyway, good luck!

  5. I love that picture of you over there—–>

  6. how’s everything going?

  7. Okay. I reached out and touched you! There aren’t really any breasteses involved are there? 😉

  8. Happy New Year (a wee bit late) from the west coast of Canada. My mom was here visiting from Ontario for the holidays and for three weeks, the house was full of family, ferry trips to my sister’s and capped off with the weekend in Vancouver before mom flew home on Monday. I’m trying to get caught up on reading the wonderful blogs out there and dropped by yours to say hello. Wishes for a 2007 filled to the brim with joy and laughter.

  9. Greetings blog sister. Just passing by to say hello. Glad you enjoyed the little spirit I sent your way.

  10. Aimeslee

    Hey Regina! How about a Crafty Sistas Roll? LOL

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