Surfing is a hard job…

vintage-photos.jpgI swore I was going around to all of my blogroll last  week, but everytime I got on the computer, someone called me.  Normally, I get no phone calls, mainly, because I don’t make any…I’m not a telephone kinda girl anymore.   I have this “friend” who will call and repeat herself until I am ready to slit my wrists or I pray one of the kids will call home and inturrupt her.   I have tried to explain that we are only 2 months into our new member transition and it is difficult to work out schedules for naps, snacks as well as take care of the rest of the family.  She  insists that she understands and continues to talk about mundane things that we discussed the day before or even the day before that. 

The Hubbs will no longer answer the phone if he sees her number on the phone.  The kids are begiinning to look for me when she calls (ok, I hide) and thrust the phone at me almost daring me not to answer it…and grinning evily.

Today while doing laundry, I found a note in the sons pocket.  There was several papers from school and one drawing of a pair of legs open with a penis going in between them.  I showed it to the hubbs (small letters this time!) and he laughed.  I asked why does he thing this sort of thing is funny when I am obviously upset and he replies that ” because I was a teenager once too, and this is what they do.”   Well, excuse me, I was one too and I don’t think that I gave these to my parents as please do my laundry gifts.

Fuming, I walk away.  I cannot let it go…I WILL not let it go.  Laughing be damned as it is time for the lecture.   I use my “this could happen to your sister one day speech” would you like to think of someone DISRESPECTING your sister like that???  What about your daughter?  Of course it is not his work.  I insisted that he tell me who it belonged to so that I could share the pride with their parents as well:  no name.   He has been asked to join the staff at the martial arts studio because he is an excellent student and of a size where he can command respect of his peers and younger.   I am seriously not letting him do it because although his body is of a size, his mind is not.   I say lapses in maturity and judgement are to be expected but Christ the King!  Home made porno???

I don’t know if I am angrier at my husband or son. 

I need a drink.



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11 responses to “Surfing is a hard job…

  1. I think you raise a good point about the mind not being ready. Most of what I know about martial arts I learned from The Karate Kid (wax on, wax off, anyone?) but I do know it requires a good deal of mental maturity to teach/lead.

    Have that drink, then show him he’s not the only one that can kick some ass!

  2. Drink? I’d be guzzling the whole bottle! UGH.

  3. Boy swill be boys – i agree withthe husband. however – if my mom had not freaked about the small stuf fI prolly would have tried some bigger formulas for trouble.

  4. Raq: I can understand, but what about the girls that these “BWBB” are practicing on? Sneaking peeks at or trying to intimidate with these things…Boys ( and men) think that they can laugh this stuff off, but I can remember SEVERAL unwanted advances as a child that still make me uncomfortable…hmnn?!

  5. Aimeslee

    OK it’s situations like these that make me thankful I did not have a boy, LOL.

  6. I see your point, but I do think that if you say something you could make things even worse…. Especially since you don’t have the right support from your husband. It depends on the fact if he is mature enough to take in the information, which it doesn’t sound like he is… tough case.

    BTW: come on over and warm yourself at our flaming new blog look and have a a drink. It’s supposed to be temporary, just to get rid of the Santa, but I’m not sure, maybe I grow too fond of it… *lol*

  7. A STIFF drink at that. Maybe I’ll join you, aww hell. I’ll drink one in your HONOR!
    I’m considering myself lucky that I have all girls, but I know that thinking will one day bite me in the rear end…
    (((HUGS from Texas)))

  8. There has to be a line between acknowledging that boys are wired differently and giving your son permission, even tacitly, to partake in activites that objectify women. You might ask your husband how different his defense of his son’s actions might have been if he had to offer it to a female teacher who discovered the picture instead of you…

    I have a son too — fourteen months, and not in danger of drawing anything intelligible, much less pornographic, anytime soon — and a friend with a baby girl told me, “You’ve got it easy! You only have to worry about ONE penis. I have to worry about every other penis in the world.”

    Have a stiff one (OF COURSE I mean a drink) for me, and hang in there.

  9. Hey Regina!! Just realized I hadn’t surfed around to your blog in AGES, so HELLO again!!
    Yikes!! I’m glad that I don’t have boys, BUT I do have a 14-year-old girl and God knows what other boys are thinking of her! Makes you think!
    I do think that you could cause more problems if you go too crazy over it, but you definitely need tohave a good long talk with him about respect. It’s so important for boys to realize that girls are not objects, but people worth respect. Just let him know that you expect him to act that way and you don’t want to see such a problem arise again!

  10. OOOOEEEEE girl one glass of wine will do. Just chill and think…think…think…about your next course of action. My advice it to taklk to your husband again AFTER you have cooled down. You all CONVERSATE and try to see his side. Hard I know…but you all need to come together first befor you tackle the issue with your son. Good freakin’ luck honey! We are all rootin’ for ya -Karla

  11. Thanks for weighing in, everyone! I did write on the picture : ” Don’t ever let anyone disrespect you or make you compromise your teachings for a joke…” He apologized but I still think he has a larger role in these things than he admitts!

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