Scrapbooking inspiration needed!

knappar.jpgI cleaned my desk.= check

I organized my paper.= check

I have photo seperated by groups and subjects.= check

New Sakura Souflee and Jelly Roll pens=24;  21 new kits still in package; unmounted stamps unused =over 50…and at least 12 Creative Memories albums…waiting to be opened.  I put all of my ribbon scraps in a large glass jar next to the buttons right beside the collection of Prima flowers waiting to be used… CHECK!

Number of pages completed=0



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10 responses to “Scrapbooking inspiration needed!

  1. GC

    maybe a change of scenery would help? Perhaps taking a walk?

  2. I just went out with the baby…I am so dead. It is 7:30 pm but since it is dark at 3:45 it makes no difference to us…Thanks for visiting! I was knocking at your door while you were here!

  3. If it makes you feel better I’m $999,999 from being rich.

  4. OK here is my moto: Just Do It. Then, I say it’s OK if I don’t like it, who cares, I will just throw it out and start over. But I have to Just Do It before I can decide. If all else fails, here is a little funk and flinch. That helped once. Please do a page and show us. We want to see. The darkness also drains me. I swear I have little solar sensors that give me some mojo. I think you do too.

  5. Oh my honey…know the feeling. Girl you might just have to walk away and do other things. Aventually it will click and not even the Lord will be a ble to stop you!!! Until then I am sending you a ZAP of creative juice to get you goin’!!!!
    Good luck -Karla

  6. At least everything is organized and ready to go. Start small with a little collage. Maybe Lia at (then click the link on the right side of the page to her separate blog about her 1 inch squares) would be inspiring. She’s aiming for 1 000 collaged squares this year!

  7. Aimeslee

    Hey gurl. Do what I do. Find a layout in a book, mag, or online gallery and scraplift away. It’s not like you’re submitting it to be published or anything.

    Scraplifting usually does it for me. Plus mine always ends up looking totally different from what I lifted. It’s like not leaving fingerprints at the scene of the crime, LOL.

  8. lia

    Ok, where do I start? Ok, first I will say that you must always do what works for YOU. Trust yourself and get in touch with what inspires you. I know it’s hard for me when things are “too” organized. I kinda got the impression that things were too orderly to get creative! I’m not saying creativity has to be messy, BUT, perhaps if you layed out a bunch of papers in a mixed up fashion, you can get some ideas on color combos and such. A great creative exercise is to get a bunch of papers together, some words, a few random pics and working quickly, putting them together in a spread. YOu can do this as a warm up exercise. I also find that when I’m in a rut that I just keep making stuff. It’s kind of like exercise, it takes a while to get back in the swing. When you get your creative mojo back, keep a journal and write down ideas that inspire you and what works so that the next time it will help you. I keep a notebook on things I want to do later and then when I am stuck I look at it and then it get’s ideas going again. Hope one of these things helps you get kickin’ again creative wise! -Lia

  9. that is funny….get the mojo flowing and get some of that stuff used

  10. Sheer joy from oogling all aforementioned art supplies = Priceless! 🙂

    All kidding aside, the thing that has TOTALLY helped me lately is find a color combo that makes you zing! Lately all I have to do is put a combo together and it seems to find it’s own way. If that doesn’t work, light a candle, pour yourself a glass of wine and put on some music. That works for me too!

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