The TV spoke to me today…The Gift of Goodbye

I know it is hard to believe, but I am a little bit skeptical about organized religion.  I have been a member of the Catholic Church for the last number of years but I always find a way to maintain my skepticism about the formation of the events I am supposed to participate in and why the church prospers when many of its congregants do not…anyhoo…

This morning i happened to pass CNBC and there was a young looking guy on there in a huge arena telling people that they did not have to be in despair and wallow in their misery.  He said that the reason a car has a large windshield and a small rearview mirror is because what has happened in our past is no where near as important as where we are going.   Why do we continue to harbor hard feelings and regret over decisions we have made in the past when it actually may be a blessing in disguise?   The man’s name is Joel Osteen.  I had seen him once before in America when I had jet lag and could not sleep and I thought ” this guy’s awfully smart to be so young”…not at all flashy, preachy or holier than thou to be a televangelist.  I only stopped because The McLaughlin Group was on and I am a closet nerd.  I like to see who is going to defend their postion and what the current buzz is in politics. 

Joel talked about how he had a dream of his church and ministry for a while.  One of the consultants kept saying that the dream was unachievable and out of reach.  After listening to the man for a few meetings he finally decided to part ways with him because he realized that because he did not share his vision, he could not support the vision.   The consultants negativity was impacting the team and swaying their focus from the goal:  the vision of  their church and center.  

 There are often negative people and or friends in our lives that literally suck the life out of us.  He talked about siblings that have to love each other from afar (amen, to that!); so-called friends that we allow to drain our spirits and dreams simply because we are used to having them in our lives.; spouses that we are content with, just because it is what we are comfortable with…

Man, this guy is talking to me…!  I sit here everyday and wonder what would have been if I had stayed on the corporate wheel in America.  Would I be well over 6 figures or managing my own operation?…WHAT IF?  The whole premise of the lecture was never to lament what if because that means you are stuck in the past…, but going forward and making it happen.  We change our environment and we change our outcome!  He wasn’t saying go get divorced; wuit your job and run off half cocked with a dream, but he said don’t let the events of the past dictate your future…Which is exactly what I have been doing: running on auto-pilot. 

No he did not make me want to roll down the aisle, froth at the mouth or handle snakes…

But he did make me question my closure on the past and what I am planning to do for the future. 

THAT was a good thing!



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14 responses to “The TV spoke to me today…The Gift of Goodbye

  1. Yes that was a good thing. How you doing?

  2. Sounds very similar to our thoughts and intentions dictating what will come into our lives…negative thoughts, negative results or unhappiness with our journey or positive thoughts and intentions drawing in good things. Powerful stuff!
    At the farmer’s market, I bought a blurry piece of glass with a thin lead frame because it was the same size and shape of a car’s rear view mirror. I’ve hung it outside my front door from the porch eaves as a reminder to not keep dwelling on the past…such a waste of emotional energy.

  3. Aimeslee

    Hey, whatever works. I myself NEED the looking back and reflecting…to learn FOR the future. I have a thing against Osteen, though, so I’m admitting my prejudice. He is all about the feeling good to go, and while you’re at it, he says it’s good to be rich, God wants you to be. Well, of course, then your tithes to his church will be more. I dunno, just hear him with a grain of salt…rofl, if that’s even possible…hear with a grain of salt? That’s nuts, but you know what I mean….do not send him money, promise me! *hugs*

  4. Good for you! I did that about 3 years ago and it worked out really swell for me 🙂

    Carpe Diem isn’t only a cliché….

    Good luck with your future life.

  5. Amen to those words, sister!! I remember getting the same feeling when I was alone. I realized that life is what you make of it and not having to wait for everything to fall perfectly in place because Nature would NEVER let that happen.

  6. There is, indeed, nothing we can do about what’s past – only what is in our future (which, of course, includes how we will continue to react to what’s in our past). I think it’s natural to say “what if, what if” but not necessarily helpful.

    Carpe Diem indeed.

  7. I WILL not hear anything bad about Joel…Talk bad if you want about Creflo and Taffy Dollar or even the Pope, but NOT mah main man…LOL!
    Dear Aim:
    I said he impressed me, not mesmerized me!

  8. I don’t think it’s good to make assumptions of why people say what they do without having a direct route to their internal dialog.. especially to assume that he is saying soemthing to line his own pockets.. you can do research in the bible and see that God wants us to reap His blessings.. I could give an unending list of passages, but research means so much more when you discover it for yourself.. besides that, me personally, I believe the passage in the Bible that says “touch not my annointed”.. do I know for sure that every man that said he is annointed is indeed annointed?? Nope, BUT I would rather err on the side of caution and just not talk about a alleged man of God at all rather than to risk doing so about a genuine man of God and pay the punishment from God later..And if you have your discernment tuned up – you can easily weed thru the lies to get to the truth..that said –

    that’s awesome that you found some comfort in what Joel had to say – he is QUITE the charismatic speaker, and I do enjoy his style of preaching. He has a very genuine and honest way about himself that makes him easy and enjoyable to listen to. My family has been also looking for a church that isn’t full of religion, but Bible truth and we have certainly found it. ..I wished you lived here to come to church with us!!

  9. I find that Joel Osteen is a gifted speaker that God uses to get the facts out to folks who wouldn’t normally stop to hear it. He’s young, yes. He’s handsome, yes. He illustrates each principle in terms that are easily understood, yes. I’m glad that YOU listened, and that you see a need for change in your life. What a gift you have to realize that you CAN change. My thoughts are with you today, my sister!

  10. Wow….yeah. I am a carefree type and always look to the future. I am a bit none to happy with my past and have some confronting to do. I’m not ready but other than that girl…life it too short ya feel me? I NEED to stay good, happy and healthy for me and mine. I don’t know…maybey I am not making any sence but anyhoo. I feel ya.

    Later girl -Karla

  11. Makes perfect sense, Karla and Erin…sometimes is is the messenger and his level of comfort in delivering the message that plays a role in how you receive the word as well…As Courtney said ” it is always better to err on the side of caution”…lol!

  12. Great post! I haven’t heard of him before but he sounds like he’s talking some sense. The thing is we already know these things but sometimes we have to hear if from someone else to really get it.

  13. Courtney

    I got a good one for you.. his name is Jesse Duplantis – he is from New Orleans.. that man is funny and really gets to the heart of the matter.. when I watch his show it seems to end so quickly b/c I get so much out of it.. look him up online ReeRee 🙂 You can watch him on online streaming video.

  14. hey lady, how’s it going? i hope all is well with you and yours, take care of yourself, peace.

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