Sibling Rivalry when does it end…?


My oldest brother’s daughter graduated from college 3 weeks ago and it seems that he is not accepting birthday congratulations because none of the 6 brothers or sisters ( except 1) sent congrats or something.   I kind of felt bad and emailed him with my apology, but it seemed to grate on my spirit: as if I had committed a sin or something.  It was not my intent to forget, but in the midst of recovering from a knee replacement, taking care of an almost 2 year old with the functions of a 1 year and holding the rest of the family together… I was a tad preoccupied.    I sat down to make her a card and got it off that same day.  As the night wore on, I thought maybe I would call her but no answer.  I rang my sister and asked where everyone was and she tells me that we are on the skit list because of the sin of omission.  My first response was one disbelief and I had my sister ring him on his mobile so we could all talk together.  He hung up on us and would not answer his phone.  Now being the good hearted stand up sister that I am, I just snapped into Doris Day mode and said kiss my ass in Macy’s window, with all of the flood lights on… Que se ra…se ra 🙂 .

My siblings sure have short term memory loss.  In my family, you are only as good as your last deed.

 I have financed cars, apartments, bail bonds and even flown to the Bahamas to bail one out of Her Imperial Majesty’s Prison, for trying to bring 2 joints of maryjuanna back as a souvineer.    I have sold jewelery, loaned money and provided room and board where I was repaid by having my home destroyed or items stolen.   Who ever said you can pick your nose and your friends sure was right, at least you know what you are getting…

  By the way…This is the same niece that we gave $500 and a 4 year old car to when she started college.  By today’s standards that is not much but it was the best I could do at the time.  They forgot to transfer the ownership title after I left the country and when I arrived to renew my US drivers license, they wanted $200 dollars in fines for driving without insurance…FOR 4 YEARS, MIND YOU!    The family has since junked the car but failed to surrender the plates so I had to cough up $100 dollars before they accepted the proof that i was living out of the country.  Did I mention that my brother lives on a golf course?

I have been saving some nice candy boxes that I finally have started to work on.  One is a tapestry type with vintage photos and one is an asian inspired theme…not much to photograph yet, but my spirit of craftiness is returning…the boxes are not finished yet but I started and I feel good about that!    I have been working dilligently on it and am in search of black gesso which my sees-ter Michelle hipped me to…What a country that America is…Whoda thunkit…? BLACK gesso!?  And why did I bring 20 scrapbooks to Scandinavia  and NO composition books and glue sticks is beyond me…golly gee, my world is in crisis.  Creativity spilling out of my eyeballs that I have tapped into my freezer dishes to avoid cooking so I can tinker a little more… I feel good friends!

 I am so tired of allowing myself to stress out over things that are out of my controll.  I am learning to practice what I preach… This Christmas the Hubbs’ siblings assembled at a SIL’s house.  It was the usual corn, but the small kids collect their presents from Santa and the rest of the aunts and uncles.  One sibling didn’t show because her kids are the oldest (14 and 16) and they think it is a waste of time to sit and wait for presents and eat dinner with the family.  I left their gift cards for a large sports store outlet with one of the others for a later distribution.   I stewed about it till we got home,  put the kids in bed ( note: the Christmas Holiday is observed on the 25th in our house, but the kids are allowed to open the gifts they receive from the outlaws with their cousins) and then said to the Hubbs..If your family cannot be bothered to show up and pick up their presents, there will be no more.” I am a SAHM by virtue of the fact that I plan expenses and budget for moderate hiccups.  $50 bucks is a lot for ingratitude…multiply it by two and my ire increases.

 My skin is getting a little thicker over time and I just felt like putting the ingrates on blast.  After all, it IS my blog…

O.K….I lied,  I could care less if they are up in arms with me.  I’ve been on the floor a long time and my rug burns are beginning to heel.  I’m still smiling since my crafty sprirt came back!



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6 responses to “Sibling Rivalry when does it end…?

  1. GC

    oh, snap. I don’t even know what I would do in your situation. Hang in there. In every family there’s always one who’s “different”; Doesn’t quite communicate the same way everybody else does. You showed your niece your love and appreciation. Your work as an Aunt and Sister is done. Hang in there.

  2. “…kiss my ass in the Macy’s window with all the floodlights on…”?? That’s the best line I’ve heard in ages.

    My thing is thank you notes. If you don’t even bother to drop me an email when I send you a present, after a while, you shouldn’t expect another one. None of the hubby’s family members send thank yous. And it bugs me no end. Unfortunately, he won’t let me stop sending them. I have gotten him, however, to agree to cut the financial cost of the present down to token levels at least for a couple of the teenage ingrates.

    It sounds like your family is completely unreasonable. Aren’t you glad you’re on a different continent?

    Oh, and they make black gesso? How freakin’ cool is that?!!

  3. How ABOUt that black gesso? !!
    Yeah folks, when I was on my grind as professional gift giver and Auntie…I was on top of my game. But I try to give in conjunction with the person’s spirit and not their preferences. The hubbs was not happy that I wanted to cut off the teens, but I think that if you at LEAST make an effort to be grateful, gratitude may be felt…
    Thank you for helping me get off my own hook!

  4. Aimeslee

    Good for you, valuing your crafty spirit over actions of others not under your control. It’s not easy either, so congrats! Keep on craftin’! *hugs*

  5. all i can say to you is that is SHITTY!!!! People are so “me me me” these days all they want is hand outs and i am sick of it myself….

    good luck to you with that drama and i would have to remind them of all you have done over the years.


  6. Oprah had the same thing happen to her and she finally stopped giving to people who felt that just because they were family, they deserved whatever they asked for and never said thanks…so you’re not alone. My dearest friend finally told her husband that if HE wanted his ungrateful family to have birthday and Christmas gifts, then HE was the one who had to buy, wrap and deliver them. It slips his mind more often than not and now he has to bear the brunt of his family’s wrath!

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