Creative Concepts conceptualized

dsc01260.JPGI was able to roll out of bed at what I thought was early this morning (6:00), only to find my husband occupying the “command console” aka the computer.  I quickly made a cup of coffee and found a sweater and sat on my throne to wait for some creative thoughts ( I KNOW …you thought I meant the toilet).   All of a sudden here comes The Princess who cannot darken from her chamber on a school day without the trumpeters blare…Not chancing the silence, I quickly dispatch her back to her room as the tv is on break until 9am.   I am claiming this day.  This Sunday belongs to me!  I take out a drawer of stuff marked “small treasures” and begin to work on my journals.  One is called My Favorite Things, pictures and or notes…ANYTHING that I like and want to remind myself of.  Since there is no chance I will ever make it on Oprah, let alone on the Favorite Things show…I like to dream.     The contents don’t have to be acid free, archival quality or even kosher…I just like to like it :)!

I finished 3 ATC’s that I had been thinking of and started wishing for some black gesso.

I scrapped 11 pages, all of which are ready to go in an album but since the ideas came to me in a flash, I just had to dump out the themes, scrap the photo’s  and sort them later.  I Like to work from the refill pages instead of a book.  It allows me to do a power layout or multiple pages and then rotate the order of the photos in case I change my mind, which almost never happens after the 4th positioning…LOL!

I am working on a book of flowers.  I love flowers and have lots of photos that I have taken or saved of someone’s flowers or even articles in magazines or books.  This smells like a collage sort of thing.  I need to get dinner sorted out but I saw on Sharon’s how to alter a shaped book and I am thinking of snagging one of those awful Teletubbies books and altering it in the name of beauty… The thing is that she knows all of the stories and may get upset if one of them goes missing…hmmh…

The proof photos are forthcoming…dinner calls.

I feel SO crafty!



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5 responses to “Creative Concepts conceptualized

  1. Sounds like your morning was a small treasure in and of itself – lovely!!

  2. Wow, you should arrange for your husband to be on the computer *every* morning! 🙂

  3. I am so glad your crafty spirit is back and I will be waiting to see some of your pages. I wish I could do 11 pages in one day. Maybe I would make a dent in 62 years of pictures. Wish I could send you some black gesso, as I do have some. Do show and tell your ART as we all love to see and be inspired by others. And thanks for coming to see me and saying the nicest things.

  4. Wow, 11 pages. You ahd a great craft day. Gla dyour mojo returned 🙂

  5. Lorna

    lovely day! and smart you for claiming it.

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