I made it!

jeanette-and-me.jpgToday is actually my birthday.  Here is a photo of me and my best friend Jeanette as I read her the riot act for not allowing me the option of atleast coloring my hair, choosing a better outfit and or sucking in my size 16 gut…

I normally don’t celebrate it because I feel like everyday I live is a day to celebrate and I try to do at least one thing that I enjoy or would like to leave as my legacy.   God knows I pray for a long life and I try to do things that keep me on the right side of the grass but if I should draw the short straw, I don’t ever want it to be said that i was waiting for ” someday special” to use the crystal or the good towels…

That being said…Last night was the family get together for me at a local greek restaurant.  The food was fabulous and I was talking a mile a minute, not paying attention enjoying the family and food when all of a sudden came the familiar pain in my stomach…I tried to ignore it but it was persistant.  The outlaws began a round of pass the baby…that is where you get to get in a few bites before the child comes back to you. 

I knew I was in trouble…

Shortly after the last Sister in law and family made it in, I began to sweat profusely and husband began to grab my purse and asked my step son to drive me home… I have a tendancy to not chew my food properly and unfortunately this was one of those times…

The party went on without me but as you can see…everyone ate and drank merrily!


PS…the steak was awesome in a port wine and garlic butter sauce.  I cursed myself this morning for wasting it.

I broke my spare pair of eyeglasses on friday, ordered new ones and they are not ready…  I was not expecting a gathering of anysort and i look like a refugee…

I hate surprises.

I played Queen’s Mr. Farenheight 50 times in a row… just cause i wanted to…matter of fact, it is still playing but the volume is down, LOL!

This morning I could not eat breakfast but i did manage to watch the McLaughlin Group and the Wall Street Journal Report before baby girl woke up…  Since i can choose the birthday dinner, I was going to ask for Chineese food but that is a 30 minute drive and since it IS Super Bowl Sunday and we always have Buffalo Wings…the menue was decided…





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6 responses to “I made it!

  1. OMGoodness…HAPPY FREAKIN” BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!!!!!!! And don’t you just hate the whole eyeglass breakin’ thing? LOL!!!!!

    Chat soon -Karla

  2. Happy Freakin Birthday to you, Gina! You are slowwwwwly making me want some black gesso, too, the power of repetition is strong….LOLOL

    Hey, is your tummy any better? I hope you have meds for it. You don’t still need to go to the doctor for that do you?

    Hey, I am remembering that just not so long ago, your Muse had divorced you and the Art Life was no longer worth living. Now I read you are creating a dust storm of Art (may be why you were wishing for dust-free, LOL, but maybe you should accept it as a preferred side effect now) with your ATCs and journals and layouts. You go, girl, gotta strike while the Muse is hot!!!!! So, next time she leaves for a while, remember these great times, she’ll be back.

    Have a good birthday week, Gina! (HEY, it’s your birthday and it’s a week, so combine the two! I am planning to, LOL).

  3. GC

    I missed it. Well happy birthday. Hope this year is FULL of celebration.

  4. oh man! I missed your birthday! I’m so bummed!!! Happy Belated Birthday SeesTOR!

    Lots of bloggy love,

  5. Happy Belated Birthday…

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