Going to America!!!!


All of my inlaws and friends got together and stuffed so much money in a card, that I was able to buy a trip to New York for myself as a birthday present!!!!!  The outlaws ( as I affectionately refer to them) totally rock and have always been really kind, stand up folks!  My MIL is the best and can always be counted on to go to bat when I need a translator or some sort of collective bargaining advice…My Husband employs his aging father  (65) so that he was able to work these last few years of his pre retirement.  It takes it’s toll on him, as he has to pick up the slack ; but how do you not take care of the people who took care of you?    I told you my husband is a great guy.  I wish he would let me blog him…, LOL!

I am SO happy!  I did not look in it because I was ashamed to be going home sick during my own party,.  Today,   I was in the process of gesso-ing a book that I was going to alter. ( I was “free” yesterday and Poppie was on full parental alert for the kids. )   I started bawling of course at the generosity of gift and the´Hubbs said ” we hope you can make it home with this…” 

It was enough for me to take Greta with me  ( Scamdinavian now charges for lap infants: a little over $200.00) and have spending money left for some much needed craft shopping!   I scored tickets called my family AND will be there for my friends first home purchase the same day!   Like my bud Karla would say ” HOW FREAKIN´ FANTASTIC IS THAT!!!!!”



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10 responses to “Going to America!!!!

  1. Mucho congrats!!! Am glad you can go home for a visit!

  2. Oh, that’s wonderful!!! How generous and how touching too. Coming anywhere near Hartford? And, yes, the Hubbs sounds like a very stand up guy.

  3. OMGosh! How wonderful is this? You have been homesick for soooo long now! Whooop! I feel compelled right now to remind you to buy some black gesso while you are here…but is that like hair gel? Those FREAKIN airlines bettah not keep my SoulSista from taking her gesso back to Sweden. Damn Homeland Security (I’ll probably be arrested for that, but don’t care! Hhhrrumph!)

    OK so when are you going? And for how long? You can’t leave without telling us, Your Crew, so we can pace ourselves til you return now…..;-)

  4. GC

    Looks like you caught a positive wave. Surfs Up!

  5. okay that is fantastic…..now where are we going? i am going somewhere with you….lmao…hell i’ll ride your lap but i don’t want to go to NY i would rather go to where you are at now…lol

    i am so happy for you

  6. You is one lucky girly!!! Hope you have an awesome, inspiring, rejuvenating trip! Be sure to take an empty suitcase to pack all the new art supplies you pick up!
    Take care!

  7. That’s so wonderful!!!!!!! Happy birthday!

  8. WONDERFUL NEWS! I’m so happy for you. What a great family 🙂

    Happy birthday a bit late, but still very heartly!!!!

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  9. That’s great of your friends and in-laws. That was wonderfully nice of them.

  10. New York, New York! I’m jealous.Have a wonderful time!

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