Free Stuff giveaway!

nocharge1.gifMy crafty sister Kacy@ Kacy’s  Musings is giving away craft supplies to deplete her stash.

Swing by if you are interested and artistic!

NO CHARGE or like we used to say in Joizee…it it’s free, it’s for me!

PS…Check out the beautiful sewn ATC she did in honor of her mom, celebrating a birthday cancer free!



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6 responses to “Free Stuff giveaway!

  1. i tried to go to her site but it never would load….i will try back later…

  2. GC

    help me out here. What is an ATC?

  3. I’ll go check out her work.

  4. Hey Seester! Thanks for hookin’ me up with the freebies! Such fun!!!

  5. Sooo, are you curious what I wrote in my new post about A-Team Cruisers? *lol*

  6. Hey, hey, ITA about my fellow bud Kacy. I got a package from her and I am still finding amazing little stuff to use in a cool way.

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